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Headline: Save time and money with Weggistry.com!

weddgistryWhen my husband and I created a bridal registry, we had to drive to three separate stores to register for various items.  While we had a good time, it definitely took longer than it should!  We wanted our registry to be convienent for our guests and to ensure they were getting a fair price.  I was recently introduced to a great new registry site, Weddgistry.com which does just that!  From the press release:

Weddgistry is a “free, one-stop, no-obligation site offers everything from blenders to chainsaws from nearly 300 retailers including Sears, Macy’s, Dillards, Kohls and Target, as well as specialty items from smaller luxury retailers like Lenox, Linens n’ Things, Chef Giant, Bobby Berk Home, BBQ Guys, Designer Linens and more.  This all-in-one online bridal registry site features over 2 million products from traditional and unique retailers around the world.  The built-in price comparison tool ensures that your guests are getting the best price for the things you want.”

Couples can create a profile, inlcude pictures and event details, create a registry includnig products from MANY stores in ONE convenient place, and send their guests an email notifying them about the registry.  Done! 

Headline:  iPhone app, Concertimatic, makes sure you never miss your favorite bands again!

Ever do a search on your favorite band only to realize they were JUST in your hometown for a concert?  New miss your favorite music again with the new Apple iPhone app, Concertimatic!

From the press release:concert

Imagine never missing your favorite bands when they come through town again. With one tap, Concertimatic reads your iTunes® library for your list of artists and then combs through concert listings in your area through a variety of websites. This produces a chronological list of concerts, tailored specifically for you.  The application eliminates the labor and time of searching through sites like Pollstar, Jambase and others, automatically letting you know about shows you’re interested in.

Another great feature of this app is that you can purchase tickets directly from your iPhone and even email the concert announcement to your friends!

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