10Plus The Brain Game {Educational App Review}

With a first grader in my house, we are no strangers to math drills. We have been practicing addition math facts every night and the novelty is wearing off quick. Our flash cards are losing their luster and I am in desperate need of a new way to inspire my daughter to practice her math skills.

I was happy to learn of this new iPhone App, 10Plus The Brain Game, that may be the solution to our problem.  The game is similar to word search but with numbers!  Simply scan the grid for a combination of numbers which add up to ten, drag your finger across the numbers and watch them disappear as you gain points.  Once this skill is mastered, you can increase the difficulty adding to 20, 30 or even 60.

I tried the game first before introducing it to my daughter.  I thought the graphics were fun and the game was addictive.  When my daughter first tried the game, she had some trouble because she is only used to adding two numbers at a time (instead of a series of numbers).  Fortunately, she did not get frustrated and continued to try the game.  She is getting better at it, and I like that the game will give her a hint if her time takes too long.  I am hoping that this game will help her improve her speed when performing math drills because there is no time to count on your fingers!  I do think this game is perfect for kids around the 3rd grade level.

Want to learn more?  Watch the video demonstration of 10Plus The Brain Game!

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