Elf Magic: The Arrival of Jingles

Last year, we were so excited to have some Elf Magic in our home during the holiday season.  As soon as the last piece of turkey was eaten on Thanksgiving Day, my daughters were both looking for our elf friend and began leaving notes in hopes that their wish would be heard by the big guy in red.   On the night of November 30th, Jingles made her way back to our NOLA home in order to keep an eye on my girls and report nightly back to Santa.

While Jingles is on official business from the North Pole, she definitely makes time for a little Elf Antics.  My girls can’t wait to wake up in the morning and see where Jingles has landed after her long journey back to the North Pole.  The first night, Jingles arrived in her red suitcase along with both her magic snowflakes and new clothes!

The second night, the Elf Magic began!  My daughters sprinkled Jingles with snowflakes to give her some magic and promptly started whispering their wish lists for Jingles to relay to Santa.  With promises of being good, they went off to bed guessing where Jingles would land upon her return.

In the morning, we decided that Jingles must have had a long flight back because she was getting some much needed R&R in the penthouse jacuzzi tub of Barbie’s Dreamhouse.  The next night, we found her dressed in my youngest daughter’s school uniform and again the next day in her backpack (Jingles is really itching to get to school!).  With three weeks left till Christmas, we can’t wait to see what Jingles will do next!

If your child is wishing for a little Elf Magic this holiday season, check out the passport and sleigh delivery prices soon!

We received an Elf Magic package in order to facilitate this review, however all opinions remain 100% mine.  I was not compensated for this post.

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