Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Rayovac

Head’s Up!  Father’s Day is just around the corner (only 5 days away)!  Are you ready to show Dad how much he means to you?  My daughter’s and I are trying to decide how we will show my husband how much we appreciate him. While he could use a new tie or maybe a new wallet, the girls have different plans.

From the time we started dating, I knew my then boyfriend would be an incredible husband and father one day.  On January 31, 2005, he became a Dad for the very first time with the birth of our daughter, Lily.  I could not have been more right.  As a teacher in an all girls high school, he is surrounded by teenage girls on a daily basis.  But still, when he comes home, he is ready to play princess and tea party (I will spare you those pictures) with his little ones.  He shuttles to dance practice, bakes brownies for fundraisers and makes a mean meatsauce and spaghetti.  I’m not sure the girls know how lucky they are to have him as a Dad, but they will thank him one day…in their own special ways.

Because our family is always on the go and my hubby has recently learned the joys of having an iPhone and an iPad, we think he would love to have the convenience of recharging with the Rayovac Universal USB Chargers.  I think this will be great for our upcoming road trip to Disney!

Hubby also tends to work outside at night a LOT since the summer days can be brutal here in NOLA.  My girls thought he would love a flashlight and I knew just the one!  The Rayovac Virtually Indestructable Flashlight is beyond cool.  With a lifetime guarantee, impact resisting internal hardware and water resistance, this is right up his alley (and the Rayovac batteries are included, too!).

Finally, hubby loves…loves…LOVES to play Wii with the girls.  Since we spends a lot of time at the dance studio, he gets his sports fix by challenging the girls to bowling, baseball or basketball on the Wii (believe it or not, he doesn’t always win!).  I thought that giving him some Rayovac Platinum Rechargeable batteries would be a great gift.  These batteries are designed for use in your high drain devices like gaming systems and digital cameras.  This will save him tons of time looking for new batteries when he is ready to take on the “challenge.”

If you are searching for a gift for Dad this year, why not power him up with Rayovac?  All of the products featured in my gift guide above can be purchased at Rayovac and shipping is FREE on orders over $25!

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