Getting to Know My Verizon Windows Phone 8X by HTC

I am so excited to announce that I will be a Verizon Wireless Ambassador for a second time! For the last few months, I have been testing out the Samsung Galaxy SIII and I am in love.  After the program, I opted to keep the phone because I just could not part with it.  For this cycle, I will be getting to know the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

To be honest, this is going to be a hard sell because before the Galaxy SIII, I had a Windows phone and we had a love/hate relationship.  But, I do like the features that the Windows 8 platform offers so I am curious to see if this upgrade will convince me to replace my Galaxy.

My Windows Phone 8X arrived just last week and I thought I would share with you my first impressions:

1.  This phone is pretty.  And blue.  You can all ooooh and ahhhh with me here.

2.  It is lightweight (130 grams with battery) and very thin (did I mention it is pretty?).  The buttons are flush with the body adding to a sleek design, but for me it is making the buttons a bit difficult to operate them.

3.  The screen resolution is nice (HD 720 p)and the colors are vivid.  I like being able to customize my screen by “pinning” my favorite apps or widgets to the homescreen.  You can even re-size and move the apps to adjust the screen to your liking for a truly personal experience.

The Verizon Ambassadors were treated to a webinar earlier this week to teach us all of the tips and tricks of our new Windows Phone 8X.  In the coming months, I will share with you all that I have learned and my experiences.

So, what apps should I download?

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