Survive the Holidays with Marie Callender’s Peppermint Pie

There are officially two weeks till Christmas and I have so much to do.  From shopping for gifts to mailing our family cards, time is definitely not on my side.  Wouldn’t it be nice to slow down and savor the holiday season instead of running through it at lightening speed?

Recently, I shared with you the Marie Callender’s Apple Pie which has made it’s way on to my holiday dinner menu.  No joke…this pie looks and tastes homemade.  So, I am hoping to save time this week by hitting another home run with the Marie Callender’s seasonal selection, Peppermint Pie.  From the website:

“A holiday favorite, Marie Callender’s® peppermint pie is made with a creamy peppermint filling and chocolate cookie crumb crust, and topped with real whipped cream and chocolate curls.”

After purchasing the pie in the frozen dessert section of my local Winn-Dixie, I defrosted the pie in my refrigerator for one hour.  When I was ready to serve, I removed the dome cover (which is great for making sure the pie stays beautiful during transport to holiday parties), sliced and served.  That’s it.  Seriously.

My daughters could not wait to dive in!  Pink pie?  Yes, please!  They both loved it and with the first bite said that the Peppermint Pie tasted just like Christmas.  I would not hesitate to bring this dessert to an office party or family gathering.

If you want to free up time to spend with your family and friends this holiday season, let Marie Callender’s help!  Use this coupon to get $1 off ANY frozen Marie Callender’s pie, follow the simple instructions, and enjoy!

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