Cleaning Made Fast and Efficient with Soniclean VTplus S-200

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

With two small children, I certainly have no shortage of messes.  But, working full time outside of the home definitely causes a shortage of time to clean them up.  So when I get a chance to spend some time getting the house in order, I need the process to be fast and efficient.

Recently, I was sent the Soniclean VTplus S-200 to see it fit the bill.  Before receiving the product, I did a bit of research:

One of the most technologically advanced vacuums on the market, the Soniclean combines suction with sonic technology for an unrivaled cleaning experience. Backed by 12 patents, the Soniclean effectively cleans carpets at 12,000 vibrations per minute, dislodging and removing surface dirt and dust, but also goes deeper to remove microscopic particles embedded deep within the floor. These particles contain bacteria, allergens, and more, that other vacuums miss.

After assembling the vacuum, the first thing I noticed was the weight.  At just 10.5 pounds the Soniclean was lighter than any other vacuum I have reviewed.  Without a lot of bells and whistles, it was extremely easy to use with no learning curve whatsoever.  Basically, plug it in, choose carpet or hardwood and GO!

The Soniclean is very easy to push which makes vacuuming a large room a piece of cake (my daughter can even push it…free help!).  The carpet looked very nice when I was finished and I did not see any spots left behind.  And with the “jam protection” I can rest easy knowing that any stray socks or toy pieces will not break the machine as it will automatically shut off if a jam is sensed.

Easy to push, carpet looks nice, but does it clean?  Soniclean upright vacuum cleaners are the first and only vacuum cleaners to use sonic cleaning technology. The patented sonic bar produces 200 vibrations per second that dislodges embedded particulate from carpet pile.  The dirt is transferred into the Seal Tech HEPA filtered bag to lock it away and the fragrance dispensing system made the carpet smell fresh, too!  Research at Soniclean shows that the vacuum cleans 91% better than a Dyson DC41 Multifloor cleaner, 45% better than an Oreck Graphite, and 40% better than a Shark Rotator.

I honestly love this vacuum.  The fact that it is easy to push and store makes it a winner, but the added cleaning power makes it a favorite.  Don’t miss any news or deals by following Soniclean on Facebook!

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