Easter Basket Idea: Here Comes the Octonauts DVD

This post was written by Beth of the Experimental Mommy. While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

If there is one thing that I have learned from my son over the past five years of his life is that a daily routine makes life a lot easier. We have tried everything to calm him down at night and the thing that seems to work the best for him is laying down and watching 30 minutes of television.  If you are like me, you are probably tried of the same on shows on their favorite station or recorded on the DVR.

Here Comes the Octonauts from NCircle Entertainment is the first ever DVD for the Octonauts and contains six episodes which are about 11 minutes each. I love the 11 minute episodes, it makes it easy for them to watch a quick episode before school or when they ask for just one more, it is only for 11 minutes. The episodes include: Sea Snakes, Walrus Chief Adelie Penguins, Electric Torpedo Ray, Colossal Squid and Crab & Urchin.

In Here Come the Octonauts, Captain Barnacles must figure out how to free an old friend who is trapped beneath the ice; Kwazii tries to rescue a reef full of creatures before an undersea storm strikes; and Peso must help a school of frightened fish who have invaded the Octopod!

Not only are the Octonauts fun to watch, but they are also very educational. Each episode is about the Octonauts adventures and the creatures they meet along the way. They teach our children how to help each other in order to make their world a better place. I also love how the Octonauts show how if they work together they can accomplish their goals. My favorite is when the baby sea snake gets rescued from the outside of the Octopod.

The DVD also contains Creature Reports, which gives you more information about the sea creatures from that specific episode.  To add to the fun, you can also join your friends, Captain Barnacles Kwazii and Peso Penguin, to play games, watch videos and other fun activities.  Can’t get enough Octonauts? Check out these printable activities.

The Octonauts: Here comes the Octonauts DVD which can be found at Walmart and retailers nationwide would be a great addition to your child’s Easter Basket.

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