Fill Your Easter Basket with Nestle Seasonal Offerings

This post is written by the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.

April is hopping by!  I can’t believe it is almost Easter already!  With all the cold weather, I sure hope the Easter Bunny is watching his calendar and stocking up on treats to stuff those baskets.  Thankfully, Nestle’s seasonal offerings can help with fun and unique items perfect for any basket.

One of my favorite finds in my childhood Easter basket was NERDS.  Just about any flavor would do, but the Strawberry Lemonade were my favorite.  Now, my kids love the NERDS Bumpy Jelly Beans!  And don’t settle for any old chocolate bunny when you can give the Nestle Crunch Bunny surrounded by Butterfinger or Crunch NestEggs.  

Every year, the kids look forward to our traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  But as the kids get older, the hunt becomes easier.  But they are in for a surprise this year because we will be using the Hard2Find Egg Hunt™ Indoor Kit and Hard2Find Egg Hunt™ Outdoor Kit. Even the best egg hunter will be surprised to find the nature inspired camouflaged eggs to look like nature, while the indoor kit comes with fun and unique hiding spots!

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