Reward Yourself with Plenti

I am participating as a blogger ambassador for the Plenti program, operated by American Express.

It’s official! School is out for summer and the kids (plus my hubby who is a teacher) are in full celebration mode. My husband spent last week getting our new pool set up and ready for this past Memorial Day weekend. My job? It’s always about getting the family ready for a fun and relaxing weekend together.

Like every weekend, before we can get to the fun and relaxing part, I have to get through the organizing and expensive part.  Swimsuits, sunscreen, pool toys, goggles, BBQ tools, food and drinks made up only part of my Memorial Day holiday shopping list this year so finding the best deal is a high priority. One of my favorite ways to save (as you can tell by looking at my key ring) is to take part in loyalty programs that reward you for shopping, but keeping up with different programs can get confusing.


Fortunately, some of my favorite shopping haunts have become part of one consolidated rewards program called Plenti. While operated by American Express, Plenti is a coalition loyalty program that accepts any form of payment, and that just like most regular retailer loyalty programs, you will receive a physical card after enrollment that you can swipe at purchase to earn points.

Of course, you are going to want to start earning points as soon as possible so let me tell you how to get started.

  • Sign up for your free account at http://www.plenti.com
  • Shop at Plenti partners which include AT&T, ExxonMobil, Macy’s, Nationwide Insurance, Rite Aid, Direct Energy, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Hulu plus an array of online retailers as well
  • Earn points on purchases you are making to use towards savings on future shopping trips. For example, if you are going on a weekend trip, rent a car with Enterprise and earn points to use towards purchasing a fun new swimsuit at Macy’s!

I decided to start racking up points while crossing off items on my weekend shopping list. To make sure I found the best deals, I downloaded the Plenti app onto my iPhone before heading out the door. My first stop was Rite Aid for some backyard essentials so I checked the app for special deals at Rite Aid and noticed that purchasing my favorite sunscreen would earn me 100 Plenti points!

Pulling up at Rite Aid, the Plenti loyalty program was advertised in many places making it hard to miss! I found the advertised sunscreen, bug repellant, allergy medicine and some nail polish (you have to have cute pool ready toes, right?) and headed for the register. Pulling up the Plenti app, I handed my phone to the Rite Aid employee who scanned my card to be sure I received the rewards points for my purchase. Sure enough, I did indeed save money on my purchase AND earned 100 Plenti Points. Super easy!

Next stop? Macy’s! As much as I hate shopping for swimsuits, it must be done. And if it must be done, I might as well earn a reward for trying on swimsuits and looking at myself in a room full of mirrors under florescent lighting. Wish me luck!

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