Hop Over to the BRAVO! Bunny Brunch

Every Easter when I was a child, I remember my Mom taking my brother and I to our local mall to take pictures with the Easter Bunny (we generally had to bribe my younger brother to smile with promises of an ICEE).  Now that I have my own children, I want to pass on the … Read more

Earn Money for Your School with Box Tops for Education!

My oldest daughter is now in 1st grade at a local elementary school.  Earlier this year, I caught her rummaging through our pantry with a pair of scissors and many cut up boxes on the floor.  My first instinct was to be furious that she destroyed our cereal and Ziploc boxes, but I suppressed the … Read more

It’s a “Beary Special” Build-A-Bear Birthday Party!

Why is it that when we are kids, time moves so very slow?  But now that I am a Mom, I can’t seem to slow time down enough.  Earlier this month, my baby girl turned four years old.  FOUR!  This year, she started preschool and could not have been more excited to have her first … Read more

I am 1 of the Friendly 15 at Build-A-Bear!

I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that I will be joining the Friendly 15 at Build-A-Bear!  In 2010, I had the honor of meeting the brand’s CEB (Chief Executive Bear), Maxine Clark, at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference who was incredibly inspirational and made me love Build-A-Bear even more.  Now, I get to … Read more

Is 2012 the Year Your Blog Becomes “Visible?”

Reflecting on the achievements I have made with Experimental Mommy in the past year, my mind started to wander on all that I have created with my business partner, Cecelia, and just how far we have come as product review bloggers in the Mom blog space.  When we began over four years ago, we had … Read more

Top 6 “Mom-umental” Moments of 2011

As I counted down the seconds until the year 2012 arrived, I became reflective on all that 2011 brought to Experimental Mommy.  There certainly were some Mom-umental Moments and I thought I would share them with you! 6.  Attending KRAFT’s BlogEats Conference:  Even though I can’t successfully boil water or make an ice cube, I … Read more