I won!

YAY! Thank you so much Christine! I won a $4 gift card to Baskin-Robbins from her Ice Cream Social Giveaway on “From Dates to Diapers.” I have never been so excited over free ice cream! Hmmm…now, which one of the 31 flavors do I want to try first?!? Updated: I’m on a roll! Thanks, Kim … Read more

Twitter me this….

….Twitter me that. Do you want to know just where I’m at? Follow me on Twitter and you can say, “Hey, there she is! It’s BridgetteLA!” So, I took the plunge and decided to figure out the whole Twitter-craze. Do you Twitter? Leave me a comment with your name so I can Follow you! And … Read more

Good Friends, Good Food

What more can you ask for?!? Tonight, my husband and I hosted a “Steak Out” at my home for our closest friends. Everyone brought their own steaks and the guys grilled them to perfection. It was so nice to be able to sit down and relax! My Passe It was at gatherings like this that … Read more

Restaurant Adventures

Eating out is truly an adventure these days. With an infant and a toddler in tow, you never know what you’re gonna get. We often ask ourselves before leaving, “Do you feel lucky?” It really is like rolling a pair of die…..What’s it going to be today? happy infant, grumpy toddlerhappy toddler, grumpy infant….or the … Read more