Lots of giveaways have ended recently, so it’s time to hand out the prizes! Congrats to the following winners: Aunt Jemima Pancakes: Amber G. Disposer Care:  Kathy S. Hasbro Game Night:  Nad Fresh Organics:  Clarissa N. Sandra Magsamen Ceramic Plaque:  Clarissa N. Weil Baby Newborn Gift Set:  Kim Sweet Dreams Maternity Gift Card:  Laura D. … Read more

Labor of Love Giveaway #15: Beaute de Maman

When you are pregnant, you will do just about anything to make sure your unborn child is safe!  I followed the instructions of my OB/GYN to a tee and even gave up my favorite skin care product.  Now, Beaute de Maman has developed a unique line of health and beauty products to treat problems specifically … Read more