What is Your Favorite Memory On Your Porch or Balcony?

New Orleans is a social city. People generally do not hide in their backyards for private parties but rather hold giant block parties in their front yards or spend the evenings on their front porches mingling with neighbors. Topics of conversation can range from favorite restaurant, latest festival or Saints football. New Orleanians love some … Read more

Summer Family Fun with Redbox

Unfortunately, the last few days of our summer vacation have been spent inside and away from the heavy rains here in New Orleans. Trying to keep the kids entertained has proven to be a monumental task. We have colored pictures, done some reading, practiced math skills, played Wii and even thrown a dance party but … Read more

Create a Backyard Oasis with Sears {Giveaway}

This past month has been an unusual one for my family and I. With all four of us home together the entire summer, we have enjoyed traveling and spending quality time together. With the kids and hubby returning to school is just a few weeks, we have spent the latter part of summer relaxing at … Read more

Redbox Summer Family Fun with Kiara

With two young daughters in my home, we are certainly no stranger to princesses. In fact, we have an entire closet filled with costumes, tiaras, high heels, earrings, wands and jewelry…pink, of course. Because I have encouraged pretend play and imagination from a very early age, my daughters are comfortable with roll play games. I … Read more

Redbox Summer Family Fun with Dino Dan and Vacation Giveaway!

While my husband and I definitely encourage physical activity for our children, the summer in New Orleans can make outdoor fun next to impossible. When the temperatures rise, we bring the fun indoors and let the kids engage in imaginative play. With two daughters, most of the creativity centers around dance, art, princesses and kitchen … Read more

Lily, Alyssa or Brynn…How Did You Name Your Baby?

After my husband and I were married for about two years, we bought a house and adopted a dog. We couldn’t decide on a name for our beagle puppy, so we took the easy way out and kept the name given to her by the rescue company. Callie quickly became part of our family and … Read more