Who Will Win the Super Bowl Coke Chase? Vote and Win!

It’s officially Carnival time here in New Orleans, but the craziness just got crazier with the addition of Super Bowl XLVII to be held Sunday, February 3rd in our own Superdome.  While native New Orleanians are sad that our Saints won’t be marching in this year, we have certainly rolled out the red carpet to … Read more

WINNERS Announced!

I have a ton of winners to announce tonight!  Congrats to all who won!  You will receive an email shortly.  Please respond within 72 hours to claim your prize and make sure you read my Winners Policy, too! KRAFT Cheese Veggie Pasta: Michelle S. Creativity for Kids Headband Kit: Laura D. Nestle Family Summer Fun … Read more

Who Remembers the Domino’s NOID? {$20 Giveaway}

Did you ever Avoid the NOID?  Like most teenagers, I was a huge fan of pizza (confession: I still am.).  I remember being treated to Domino’s every other Friday and vividly remember that pizza stealing NOID who was born 25 years ago (has it been that long?). To celebrate his birthday, Domino’s is encouraging you … Read more


Congrats to the winners of my recent giveaways! You will all be emailed shortly. Be sure to read the Winner’s Policy in order to claim your prize! Hershey’s Easter Candy:  Debbiw W. Pillow Pets:  Reggie M. Easter Store Gift Card: JoeyfromSC Tangled:  Maria M. Kranky Krab:  Steph Jason Kids: Charlene K., Rosa C., Amanda S., … Read more

Domino’s: More than Pizza! {$20 Gift Card Giveaway}

When you think of the Domino’s brand, invariably the word “pizza” comes to mind, right?  As a child, I always loved Domino’s Pizza night in our house and I have carried over the tradition to my home.  My daughters are huge fan of the newly reinvented pizza and the delicious breadsticks.  But if you have … Read more

Dominos Aubidle Tracker: $20 Gift Card Giveaway

When we get home from work and realize that we forgot to plan dinner, we often reach for the phone and dial up Dominos.  Try as I might, it is hard to distract my two little ones from their hungry tummies.  This often leads to me wondering how long it’s been since I made the … Read more