Twister Dance Gets My Ballerina Moving!

With two daughters at home, you can imagine that our lives revolve around dance.  Most of the time, the girls are playing dance recital, dance class or gymnastics as my living room is quickly transformed into a stage.  They LOVE to perform!  As a dancer myself, I love that my girls are falling in love … Read more

Hasbro’s Simon Flash {Review and Giveaway}

Even as a child, I always loved Family Game Night.  Spending time with my family was always a treat (and it didn’t hurt if I won a game or two).  Now, I love carrying on that tradition with my own girls and am always thrilled when a find a new game to share. Remember the … Read more

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven {Review and Giveaway}

I have such fond memories of playing with my Easy Bake Oven as a child.  Jennifer and I would bake some tasty treat just about every weekend.  But I also remember what torture it was as an impatient 8 year old to let a light bulb bake a cupcake!  So, I was so happy to … Read more

Get the Whole Family Playing with Scrabble Alphabet Scoop

On Wednesday, September 28th, Hasbro encouraged families to unplug and spend any evening of togetherness around their favorite board games.  While September has come to a close, we choose to implement Family Game Night every Friday night in my home. Both of daughters are huge fans of board games and puzzles.  But because they are … Read more

Let’s Rock! Elmo {Video Review and Giveaway}

I can tell it’s almost holiday season (actually only 99 days till Christmas! eek!) because almost every commercial on television is for the latest toy or game.  Both of my daughters are busy making a list for Santa which is getting quite long already.  My oldest daughter is all about dolls and dress-up, but my … Read more