Thanks to everyone who participated in the following contests!  Congrats to all the recent winners! Little Grips:  Jennifer T. Scentsy Plug-In:  Kara P. Nature Valley: Diane Dominos gift card:  Jessie C. Dove Men’s Care: Cynthia Carolina Pad:  Laura D. Sesame Street USB:  Nicole O Cedar ProMist:  Traci S. and Stephanie Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair:  Lori … Read more

Sesame Street Goes Digital! Review and Giveaway

I remember watching Sesame Street as a child.  I would run to the TV when I heard the Sunny Days theme song and happily laugh along with Big Bird and Grover.  Of course, this was back before Tivo, DVDs or even remote controls (gasp!).  Now, kids can get their daily dose of Sesame Street just … Read more

Sesame Street turns 40!

I was born in July of 19 70-something.  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of watching Sesame Street (which was then in it’s earliest of Seasons) on our television with my younger brother.  My favorite character was Big Bird and my Mom even claims that I tried to talk to him through the speaker … Read more