Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

My family and I are by no means considered jet-setters.  But, we have made a few successful trips with our kids in recent years including several Hurricane evacuations with toddlers which required living in a hotel room or campground for several weeks. Traveling as a family is not always an easy task. Whether it’s flying … Read more

Top 10 Kid Friendly Activities in New Orleans

When you think of the best family friendly vacation locales, what comes to mind?  Disney World?  Cedar Point?  Great Wolf Lodge?  Sea World?  What if I told you that New Orleans is a fabulous place to take your kids on vacation?  Believe it or not, New Orleans has so much more to offer than the … Read more

Enter Rayovac’s Disney Magical Memories Sweepstakes!

Earlier this year, we told the kids we were going to Disney World! While my oldest daughter visited the Mouse when she was 18 months old, she remembers none of it.  So, in essence, this was the first trip for both my seven and four year old daughters….and they could not wait! Being kids at … Read more

Win a Book Lovers Getaway to Ontario

Once upon a time, I loved to read.  This was a simpler time, before Graduate School, before a full time job, before kids, and before life got more complicated.  One day I hope to rekindle my love for reading and dive back into the new books of my favorite authors.  Are you an avid reader?  … Read more

Survive the Winter Travel Season with DisneyFamily.com!

Two birthday parties, one baby shower, two dinners with friends, one Christmas performance and one family gathering later and I am back at Monday again.  December weekends are always packed with fun events and while I enjoy every second of them, it can be hard time find time to relax and rest. Disney Family.com recognizes the … Read more