Breakfast Made Easy with Tyson Fully Cooked Sausage Patties

As my alarm beeps in the morning, I rub my eyes and gradually lift my head from the pillow.  Brushing my teeth, I begin to make a list of all the things I must accomplish in the next 30 minutes: Wake kids.  Dress kids.  Dress self.  Brush hair (mine and kids).  Pack lunches.  Check email.  … Read more

Welcome Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls to Our Table!

Because my husband and I work outside of the home full time, the weekend is spent running errands we just couldn’t get to during the week.  While we grocery shop just about every weekend, we reserve one Saturday a month for a Sam’s Club trip.  Our local Sam’s is only about 10 minutes from our … Read more

Get Snacking with Tyson Any’Tizers: Review and Giveaway

Recently our beloved New Orleans Saints were playing on Sunday, and our dear friends invited us over.  They’d do the adult food, and I could bring the kid food…for six kids age 8 and under.  Yikes! When I was asked to review Tyson Any’Tizers recently, I jumped at the chance.  I have seen them in … Read more


Here’s the latest round of winners!  Congrats! Bebe Soleil:  Lori Walmart gift card:  Sarita R. and Cheryl L. Frito Lay:  Katie Wendy’s gift card: Arla Tyson: The Hamilton Mom, Beth C., and Jessie C. You will all be emailed shortly.  Please respond within 72 hours to claim your prize.  Thanks for supporting the Experimental Mommy!!