Lots of giveaways have ended recently, so it’s time to hand out the prizes! Congrats to the following winners: Aunt Jemima Pancakes: Amber G. Disposer Care:  Kathy S. Hasbro Game Night:  Nad Fresh Organics:  Clarissa N. Sandra Magsamen Ceramic Plaque:  Clarissa N. Weil Baby Newborn Gift Set:  Kim Sweet Dreams Maternity Gift Card:  Laura D. … Read more

Labor of Love Giveaway #19: Weil Baby Newborn Starter Gift Set

I can vividly remember standing in front of a larger than life wall of bottles at Babies R Us utterly confused as to which one to choose for my perfect newborn.  Which one is THE best?  Which one will she accept?  Which one is easy to clean?  Which one is safe?  Which one will help … Read more