My blog has ruined my toothbrush!

It’s official. I am addicted. This blog Universe has drawn me in! And I can prove it…..

I was surfing the Net for Blogger templates when my 3 year old asked if we could play Beauty Pawla (that’s Parlor for all you non-New Orleanians, LOL!). I told her sure, she could brush my hair….gently. She disappeared into my room in search of what I thought was my hairbrush. She begins brushing my hair while I am immersed in pages upon pages of stylish (and FREE) templates. Little did I know that she was brushing my hair with my TOOTHBRUSH!

No wonder my hair smelled so minty! LOL!

And this my friends, earned my not-so-blog it’s very first AWARD!! (insert clapping here)

Thanks, Kim! Check out Accidental Mommies if you have had an Accidental Mommy Moment you would like to share!

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