Tidbit Tuesday!

In honor of the Ice Cream Social going on over at From Dates to Diapers, today’s titillating tidbit is about the two most important men in my life…Ben and Jerry!! (just kidding, honey!)

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, in a renovated gas station by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Supposedly, waste from Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream company is given to local farmers in Vermont to feed to their hogs. It is said the hogs don’t particularly care for the Mint Oreo. Are they NUTS?!?

What’s your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

Think you know alot about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? PROVE IT!

Play Quiz: “Ben & Jerry’s” Flavors now!

1 thought on “Tidbit Tuesday!”

  1. that’s a neat little tidbit. 🙂 I recent have had some Ben & Jerry’s and WOW they are delicious.

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