Guess what today is?!?

It’s my one month Blogiversary! Who brought the cake? LOL! Want to see how I got started in this whole crazy whole of blogging? Click here to see my first post!

So, am I doing any cool contests or giveaways to honor this special day?

Um, no. I just realized that it was my Blogiversary today (I am consumed with a teething 5 month old these days). But, I do want to start doing some giveaways and reviews soon!

I would like to do some giveaways with the theme “Renew your Spirit” in August and September to mark the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Since I am brand new to this, do you have any suggestions or ideas on how I can get started? Have any great contacts to share? Or just want to wish me “Happy Blogiversary!”? Leave me a comment!

17 thoughts on “Guess what today is?!?”

  1. Happy Blogiversary!! I didn’t realize you just started only a month ago. I thought you had been blogging for such a long time. Your a pro! I just started mine too at the beginning of July!

  2. Yeah, B! I need you to teach me all this stuff. Do you have to add your signature to all posts, or does it automatically do it?

  3. Shellie, I don’t know much, but I will help where I can!

    I have it set up to add the siggie automatically. But, I am trying to figure out how to get ride of that wgite frame around it. It annoys me! LOL!

  4. Great job bridgette, and to think, it all started cause you wanted to win somee prizes from me. LMAO!


  5. How cool! Way to go. I love Blogiversaries…I should keep better track of mine too.

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