Reversing Roles

Lily’s last day of daycare was July 31st. As we skipped up the cement path leading to the daycare door as we do every morning, I looked down at Lily and started reminiscing. I remember her very first day at this daycare exactly two years ago. We walked up the very same cement path, but this time with me holding her. She was nervous,scared, and tearful and I was trying to hide my own apprehension plastering a big smile on my face and whispering words of reassurance.
First day

But from the moment we walked through the daycare door, we became part of a family. It became SO much more than a daycare to us. She learned so much, made great friends and was truely LOVED. It was so much easier to go to my job knowing that she was in a warm and loving environment. For this, I am eternally grateful.

At pick up, I cleaned out her cubby, hugged her teachers and began to cry. As we walked down the cement path towards my car, it was I that was nervous and scared because I knew Lily’s whole little world would change and we would have to get used to trusting someone else with our child. As if from instinct, Lily grabbed my hand and started skipping as if to tell me that she was ready for the change. “C’mon, Mommy, I’m ready to gooooo!” she said.

I thought, “Can we just walk a little slower today? This is going way too fast.”

Look out Pre-K….here we come!

Last Day

10 thoughts on “Reversing Roles”

  1. Ahhh B!!!
    What a milestone and I know its hard to see them grow up, but she is growing into a lovely girl already!!! YAY

  2. Awe man…I’m tearing up! I wish you guys the best. I’m sure it will all be fine and you’ll both settle nicely! Good luck!!

  3. Hey Girly it’s Erika from the KC! I have been trying to find you to see if you wanted to get together sometime, but when I was in Europe my login to the KC was deleted.

    drop me a line and let me know! info (at) chicshoppperchick (dot) com

    I can’t believe I didn’t know you had a blog! I’m adding your button to my friends page right now!

  4. AW, that’s so sweet. Role reversal is amazing!! My daughter has done that to me. Over this summer in particular. I was having second thought about homeschooling her and she smiled at me and said “it’s going to be alright mom, you can’t do it wrong and with you doing it, there’s no way I’ll get behind”. I instantly knew it was going to be alrigh!!

    Good luck and know that many of us will be there with you as you walk up to PreK that first time.

  5. I have no idea why your siggy has a box and mine does not. I don’t know how you got your siggy green. I only got a few color options and we both used the same site.

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