Dove Body Wash: Review and Giveaway

hypothesis Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture is a great way to keep my skin moisturized and feeling silky smooth during the dog days of Summer!


One bottle of Dove Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash, one Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash, and one Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash.  About Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture:

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“There is “dirty little secret” behind body washes: until now all regular body washes caused dry skin damage. Not anymore! Dove has made a groundbreaking skin care advance by discovering how to restore skin’s natural moisture while cleansing (with body washes). With the most effective natural nourishment ever only new Dove Body Washes contain NutriumMoisture™ patent-pending technology. While moisturizers in other body washes sit on top of skin; only new Dove NutriumMoisture™ penetrates the surface of the skin to replenish and nourish.


The Louisiana heat has definitely done a number on my skin this Summer!  Between playing with the girls outside, swimming in the pool and applying sunscreen, my skin has become quite dry despite my efforts at moisturizing.  Little did I know, the body washes I have been using can also dry out my skin!  After reading the Science behind Dove’s New Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture, I was more than willing to give it a try.  I am been using the Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash for about one week now, and I can tell you that my skin does not feel as dry and is noticeably softer.  I love the creamy texture (it even looks like lotion) and the clean scent.  I am not a huge fan of heavily scented or floral body washes, and this one is perfect!  The Dove Sensitive Skin formula is unscented and great for my daughter’s sensitive skin.



The New Dove Body Washes (available in Deep Moisture, Sensitive Skin and Exfoliating) have Nutrium Moisture technology which allows the body wash to penetrate the surface skin while the ultra-gentle cleansing does not wash away your skin’s natural moisture.  For my skin type, I liked the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash the best because of it’s scent, creamy texture and the fact that my skin was incredibly smooth after one week of product usage.

Does your skin need some serious attention?  Dove has generously offered one lucky Not-So-Blog reader one of each variety of the new Dove Body Washes with Nutrium Mositure (Deep Moisture, Sensitive Skin and Gentle Exfoliating)!

How to enter:

1. Visit Dove’s Product Page and tell me another product you  would love to own!

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Contest ends at 11:59pm CST on September 4th. Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

345 thoughts on “Dove Body Wash: Review and Giveaway”

  1. I really need the Frizz Therapy Taming cream! I have naturally curly hair, but it tends to be frizzy most of the time! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. There are so many Dove products that I currenlty use and love. But I would like to try their new conditioners.

  3. Faved the blog on technorati . bettycd
    on facebook I’m betty dennis which maybe I should of added to the above post

  4. I just want to say that I’ve been using the Dove Ultimate Smooth Deodorant…and the hair is definitely less noticeable! I’d love to try this too 🙂

  5. I’m a big fan of Dove’s deodorants but I haven’t tried the Visibly Smoothe version yet so that would be my choice. April1p(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. I love lotion, and use tons of it, so I would love to have Dove’s Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion. Thanks!

  7. The stubble-reducing antiperspirant sounds terrific. I’m always looking for something to cut down on shaving.

  8. Our family has used the Dove soap for many years! I’d love to try the Energy Glow Beauty Body Lotion in Fair. Diane

  9. I would love to try the Dove ultimate antiperspirant/deoderant. Anything that would require me to shave less and stubble to be less visible I am all for!!! Thanks for the chance!

  10. the frizz therapy taming cream is another dove product that I could definitely use in this humidity!

  11. The Creamy Oil Ultra Rich Velvety Beauty Bar sounds wonderful!!!
    I love Dove products.
    Thanks for the chance
    itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

  12. Go Fresh Refresh Body Wash. They used to have a body wash and body bar that was a darker blue color, the box was navy blue colored and it was called something like Dove Nighttime. I loved it, and I haven’t been able to find it, the website doesn’t have it either. anyone remember what I’m talking about?
    anywho – thanks a bunch : )

  13. I love Dove products and would like to try the Skin Vitalizer. This would be something new for me as I use mostly Dove because I have dry, sentitive skin. Thanks for the entry.

  14. My thirsty skin definitely needs Dove’s Cream Oil Intensive Hand Cream! I like that it has 2 moisturizers in it and it’s fast absorbing! Thank you for the contest!

  15. Dove’s Invisible Solid Sensitive Skin deodorant is the only kind I have found that I can use — everything else breaks me out.

  16. I love Dove products! Another product I would like to try (for my daughter) is the Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant. She’s a teen and very subconscience when she sweats. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

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  18. Apparently I should be using the Gentle Exfoliating Foaming Facial Cleanser, according to their product selector. Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. i was wondering if dove has a spray on that is also a sunscreen and if so what is it and where could i get some thanks so much….

  20. i fell in love with the body wash as a teen and still use it, id love to try the fragrance infusiion cream oil, the dove body wash always makes my skin so soft and smooth

  21. I’d love to try the Dove Heat Defense Therapy, because my poor dry hair could use all the help to protect it that it can get! Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  22. I’ve been meaning to try the Go Fresh Cool Moisture Therapy shampoo & conditioner.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I would love to own their shampoo. I just bought some of their shampoo and conditioner and I just love it. It make my hair so soft.

  24. I’ve been meaning to try Dove’s Clinical Protection: Prescription strength. I was reading about it and it got awarded best deodorant. Thanks so much for the contest. 🙂

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