Do you know that I have never been skiing?

Heck, I haven’t even seen snow in the amount that would be necessary for skiing!  Living in New Orleans, we don’t see snow often, so it is a HUGE deal when it happens.  Any more than two flakes of snow and schools close….I am not kidding!  In December of 2008, it snowed the most I have ever seen here in New Orleans (and yes, my daughters’ schools closed), or anywhere for that matter!

snowI would love to make a snow angel, a real snowman or even ski one day, and it is definitely something I want my girls to experience.  Because I am a snow-virgin, I have absolutely no idea where I would even begin searching for a ski holiday destination for my family other than the fact that I need to go North!  I have heard great things about Breckenridge, Colorado and I have a good friend who lives near the Poconos.  How do you choose your skiing destination?  I would love to hear input from the skiing veterans!

Have you been skiing with your family?  What was your destination and were you satisfied?  What were the ages of your kids and did they have fun?  Is there any way that you can guarantee that I won’t break a bone?

4 thoughts on “Do you know that I have never been skiing?”

  1. We live in snow country and very close to a ton of ski areas. With that said I am a chicken. I have seen too many broken bones from skiing accidents. I prefer sledding and keeping my feet/rear grounded. When I was teaching the students went skiing. Thank goodness I was pregnant at the time and got to stay back at school with the rest of my classes.

  2. I’ve never been skiing either, and I have no good excuse! I live in PA, and we have quite a few nearby but I just never did it. It can be expensive, especially for more than one person, so that’s probably some of it.

  3. We’ve never been skiing either. We live in Texas so we don’t get much snow here, either. We mostly get ice…and our schools will close down for that.
    I’m not so sure I’d ever really want to go skiing. It looks fun but isn’t really all that appealing to me.

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