Glidden Paint Test Drive: Review

Once the holidays pass I am anxious to get my house back to normal (whatever normal is, ha-ha) and often spend the latter half of the holiday break weeding out closets, cleaning stuff that never gets cleaned, and getting re-organized in general.  We have been in our current house for six years and recently discussed the need to repaint.  This is where both my husband and myself get a little nauseated because it is always so expensive and nerve-wracking to take on a painting project.   When we were painting my son’s nursery a long time ago, we went through seven, yes, SEVEN trials of paint before we finally found “the one.”  This is why the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with the word paint is mentioned.   However, one word might make me change my mind:  Glidden.


For starters, Glidden paint is continually tested in every kind of light to make certain the color you see in the can is the color you see on your walls.   This solves the headache of the seven-can trial I fear.  The paint flows smoothly and easily and this makes application fast and easy.  Glidden has better coverage of the previous wall color with fewer coats of paint.  When we bought our house, the master bathroom was fuschia.  Yes, fuschia.  It took three days of painting the neutral color we chose before it even began to cover it.  UGH.  Glidden, in an effort to prove how well it works, equipped me with some test sheets!

This is ONE coat!  Unbelieveable!
This is ONE coat! Unbelieveable!

I was amazed at how easily the Glidden paint covered the heavy black line on the test sheets.  This is a ONE COAT application!  I sure wish we had gone wtih Glidden paint when covering up the fuschia nightmare years ago.  The paint flowed easily and went on smoothly.  What impressed me most about Glidden is finding out about its endurance. Glidden paint is vigorously tested and is guaranteed to have excellent stain resistance, bond-ability (no chipping or peeling) and rub resistance!  Best of all, Glidden is priced reasonably so save you one more headache….or maybe a wallet-ache!

I would highly recommend trying Glidden products the next time you have a paint project going on.  Check out their website for some helpful hints to get you started!  Happy painting everyone!


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