Let the Games Begin with Pampers Dry Max!

When I became a Mom for the first time in 2005, I did all the necessary diaper research in order to find the best value and highest performance for my precious new bundle of joy (and my wallet).  After experimenting with several brands (hey, I am the “experimental mommy”, right?), we settled on Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers and haven’t looked back since.  With the birth of my second daughter, we went straight back to Pampers in 2008.

Now, Pampers has finally unveiled their most innovative technology in 25 years……Dry Max!  From the press release:

pamperslogoPampers Swaddlers and Cruisers with Dry Max are the brand’s new high performance diapers and the biggest innovation for the Pampers brand in the last 25 years. Pampers Diapers invented the Dry Max technology and applied it to the current Swaddlers and Cruisers core, which allows the diaper to be thinner than before. This game-changing diaper – Pampers’ driest ever – helps lock wetness in for up to 12 hours and its less bulky design helps give flexibility and comfort – perfect for all of babies’ play. The new diaper design also helps families reduce their impact on the environment by containing 10 percent less material weight.  In fact, if current North American Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers users switched to the new Pampers Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max diaper, they could together throw away the weight of 1 billion less diapers every three years (based on 08/09 volume for Swaddlers/Cruisers).”

pampersWith the winter Olympics right around the corner, Pampers has teamed up with 2006 Olympic gold medal speedskater, Chad Hedrick and 2007 World Skeleton Champion, Noelle Pikus-Pace to promote their new campaign, “Let the Games Begin!”  Pampers has created Team USA branded diapers with Dry Max technology for all athletes traveling to Vancouver with their families in tow.  On Pampers.com,  Chad and Noelle will give you first hand Olympic experiences through photos and videos and show you how the new technology holds up.

Has the Pamper’s Dry Max peaked your curiosity?  Beginning February 12, parents can request a free sample three-pack of the new Cruisers diaper on Pampers.com. If this sample includes a Team USA diaper (they will be randomly inserted in select sample packs), their baby will win a year’s supply of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max!

In the next few months, be on the lookout for some great giveaways right here on The Not-So-Blog from Pampers!

9 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin with Pampers Dry Max!”

  1. Can’t wait for Vancouver Olympics here…few more weeks and we’ll debut Vancouver Winter Olympics…anyone of you coming? If you are, give me a shout.. I’ll be watching Skiing

    Eugene Gregorio,
    ACN Video Phone Project

  2. I love the new pampers dry max technology, I had my first child in 2006 and I just had my second 3 weeks ago and I could tell a big difference from then and now and its great, because pampers is the brand i chose and stuck with couldn’t ask for a better diaper and they have that line that turns blue when there wet so no second guessing if there wet or not.

  3. I just heard about all the hoopla over the new design today when the Manager at Babies R Us alerted me to the upcoming change in the Pampers diapers. Glad to find a site that is upbeat about the change. Seems like a good thing to me, too! Less material means a better world for us all tomorrow. I am excited to start making cakes with these diapers next month!

  4. They new dry max diaper may be a good environmental change, however, it is far less superior to its older version. It leaks around child’s leg and thru the diaper material itself. Very bulky on child once wet and it makes your child look as if the diaper hasn’t been changed in over a month when in fact you just changed it. My daughter complains about it being itchy around leg as well. My oldest is just under 2 and have a newborn as well. Will try using trainers-maybe it doesn’t have the dry max technology and will change to another brand for the newborn. I loved Pampers before-told everyone,now will be changing my tune as Pampers has changed to this horrible diaper.

  5. Just got our first box of these in size N.
    Pleased about the l0% less material.
    First couple diapers have contained average to above average output well.

    I have noticed small, clear, gel like pellets left on the child and changing table after using these. Is this normal?

  6. Kristi: I have now been testing this diaper for about one month. I have yet to experience the leakage you are talking about, nor have I noticed a bulkiness when wet. Hope you find a better alternative for your baby!

  7. I agree with Kristi… I have a 7 month old and I’ve always used pampers with no problem…until dry max. They are no good! We are having the same problems as kristi! Good luck…

  8. I agree with Kristi – leaking around thighs & through the diaper as well as the heavy wet load sagging between my children’s legs.

    In addition to the leakage problem, my children had horrible red, burning rashes while wearing these diapers. For 2 weeks my children literally ran crying & screaming away from me every time I tried to change their diapers. It was terrible to see the terrified looks on their faces. My children have never been prone to diaper rash & have been wearing Pampers since they were preemies in NICU. To see them so distraught made ME cry. NO – they were not getting diaper rash from a change in diet, antibiotics, diarrhea or infrequent diaper changes (as Pampers customer service suggested to me). I didn’t realize Pampers was packaging the dry max in old cruiser boxes so had no idea that I was perpetuating their pain by continuing to use the dry max on them. Once I ran out of the small pkg of cry max diapers, I lucked out and managed to buy the old cruisers (again – not realizing anything was different until recently). The rashes disappeared almost overnight!

    I am no longer using Pampers products and will not be recommending them anymore. I am currently trying out Earth’s Best, 7th Generation & Huggies Little Movers.

  9. I agree with all who are talking about the dry max and it leaking and causing a rash. My daughter started wearing the new dry max this week, leaked several nights, and developed a terrible red rash, which caused her a great deal of uncomfortableness. We are still trying to get rid of the rash. I WILL NOT be using the dry max any longer and will be going back to the old Cruisers.

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