Jason Castro set to release first album! Check out Webisode 2!

Are you an American Idol fan? I do watch the show from time to time, and will admit that I loved the 3rd runner up in 2008, Jason Castro. I was so sad when he got voted off, but past seasons had proven that being voted off the show didn’t mean the end of the road. And this American Idol contestant follows suit!

castroJason Castro is now officially an Atlantic recording artist and will be releasing his self-titled debut album, “Jason Castro” on April 18th. “I feel like the album really captures my personality,” Jason says. “People got to know me a bit on the show, so I wanted to build on that by including all these songs I’ve written about my life. I wanted to share with people the things that are meaningful to me.”

The album will include 8 tracks, however he will be releasing a Deluxe version (available for preorder now) including a total of 14 songs later this year.  If you just can’t wait, Jason has already released his debut EP, The Love Uncompromised which quickly rose to the Top 5 albums on iTunes in January.

Jason Castro Deluxe Version Track List

1. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again
2. This Heart Of Mine
3. That’s What I’m Here For
4. Heart Of Stone
5. If I Were You
6. You Can Always Come Home (feat. Serena Ryder)
7. Love Uncompromised
8. Closer
9.  All Wrapped Up
10.  It Matters To Me
11. Hallelujah
12. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again (Acoustic Version)
13. Sweet Medicine
14. Over The Rainbow

Jason and his tourmate, Matt Hires (neither are hard on the eyes!) get to know each other in a series of webisodes.  I am excited to be the only site to host Episode Two!  Check out below and then head over to Jason’s site!

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  1. I also loved him since AI – He is such an amazing person plus a great singer/songwriter! Love his new music also! so excited about his new album!

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