Genesis Today: Food With Purpose Review!

Like many of you, I am trying to make better efforts when it comes to what the members of my family eat.  With both kids, I try to get a lot of “bang for my buck” by squeezing in healthy foods whenever possible, and by “hiding” nutrition in things that taste great, but are also great for us.  With this in mind, I am excited to tell you about my recent “taste test” with some great products from Genesis Today.  Founded by Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Genesis Today offers the best of the best in products that will help you and your loved ones to lead a healthier lifestyle.  From the website:  “We get our superfruits directly from the source, from the mountains of Tibet to the plains of Mongolia. And we follow the traditional methods of the indigenous people passed down for many generations, like climbing the acai trees and hand gathering goji berries.”


So what exactly are the benefits of  a Superfruit? The benefits range from everything from weight control and cardiovascular health to mind-body benefits that help support your mood and overall health.  Genesis Today kindly sent my family some samples of Acai Berry Juice, Goji Berry Juice, Resveratrol Juice, Dark Chocolate Acai and Dark Chocolate Cacao Puddings, as well as a Kiwi Yogurt Smoothie and Protein Supplements.  Of the juices, we decided the Acai was our favorite….think of a more robust grape juice.  It was easy to supplement our morning Orange Juice with it and the health benefits can’t compare.  The Acai berry juice helps support healthy energy levels, healthy weight control, healthy hair, skin, and nails, and a healthy immune system.  Coincidentally, when we received our box from Genesis Today, my son was on the 5th day of a stomach bug, the longest-lasting and worst he’s ever had to date.  Once he was able to resume a normal diet, one of the first things I gave him was the Kiwi Probiotics Yogurt Smoothie.  He enjoyed it and I was glad that it was helping to restore the good bacteria in his system that is needed for digestive health.  We were also able to enjoy smoothies made from more of the Genesis Today products, and I am always happy to find things my family thinks are “treats” but I know they are really getting a huge dose of health benefits.

Being a mom often means taking care of everyone else first and taking care of yourself last.  Finding great products like Genesis Today offers means that I can make some small changes that will easily fit into my busy routine that will benefit me immensely.  Thanks to Genesis Today for introducing me to these great products!

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