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As a Mom of two young girls, self confidence issues are definitely on my radar.  I want to ensure that I foster a sense of self worth, self love and trust between my daughters and I.  While they are only 2 and 5, I feel that it is never too early to start.  So, I was thrilled to learn of Dove’s Movement for Self Esteem.  From their website:

Imagine a world where every girl grows up with the self-esteem she needs to reach her full potential, and where every woman enjoys feeling confident in her own beauty. Imagine the world of possibilities we can open up by helping to build self-esteem in the people we love most.

Our movement is building a world where women everywhere have the tools to inspire each other and the girls in their lives.

We’ll give you opportunities to mentor the girls in your own life, as part of a community of women from all over the world. We’ll alert you when important news on real beauty and self-esteem issues arise, and give you concrete ways to make a difference for the women and girls in your life.”

What do you wish that you knew at 13?  What advice would you give your 13 year old self?  When I think back to that age, I was in 8th grade and full of self doubt.  I wish that I would have known that being smart was actually something to be proud of!  I would tell myself to keep my head high and reach for the stars no matter what the popular decision might be.

After looking through the activities provided on Dove’s Movement for Self Esteem, I found a great one to suggest to my daughter’s Girl Scout Daisy leaders!  In this activity, the girls decorate a turtle shell with things that make them strong.  They are taught that confidence is made up of your strong suits and can be like the shell of a turtle to give you courage in the face of adversity.  The girls stand up and present their shells to the troop and discuss the strengths of their fellow Daisies.

Dove’s Movement for Self Esteem definitely made me think about continuing this discussion with my girls and the importance of being a good role model.  Join the movement and promote self confidence with Dove!

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  I received a free Dove product in compensation however all opinions remain 100% mine.

3 thoughts on “Dove Movement for Self Esteem”

  1. I think this is such a great program Dove is sponsoring and I wish that there was something like this when I was a teen, I may have been able to skip years of suffering with anorexia.
    I also think you are spot on having your daughter’s Girl Scout troop do a special activity like the turtle shell one. You’re a great mom and I know your daughters are on the right track to a healthy, happy adulthood!

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