My Baby is Three!

It seems like just yesterday when I rushed to the hospital with some major contractions. I thought for sure that I would meet my new baby in a matter of minutes, but she had other plans. After 18 hours of labor, yes EIGHTEEN, she finally decided it was time to enter the world.

Aubrie Kate was born at 8lbs. 4 oz, a BIG baby for my 5’3″ frame! She had a full head of dark brown hair and big blue eyes….not much has changed! It has been an incredible three years watching her develop a personality (she is so much like her Daddy) and become a little lady.

Having a birthday in the middle of Carnival season has it’s perks here in New Orleans. carousel rideThe morning of her birthday was the annual Mardi Gras parade at her daycare. We decorated her float with birthday accessories including an “It’s my 3rd Birthday!” sign. The trumpet player even played Happy Birthday as she began to roll. So sweet! After the parade, we shared King Cake with her classmates and then headed home for nap.

After naptime, we headed to the parade route for the Mardi Gras parade of the day, Krewe of Centurions. We brought her “It’s my 3rd Birthday” sign with us and it did indeed work some magic! Aubrie caught no less than 20 stuffed animals and two bags of beads as she was bombarded by float riders.

Deciding on a birthday party was easy. She LOVES carousel rides and there happens to be one in our area.  Although the weather turned out to be a bit chilly, we had a great time as Aubrie and her friends spun themselves silly on two hours of carousel rides! I think Aubrie only paused once in order to eat her cake and then it was back to her favorite horsey for another ride.

I think she had a great birthday and I am treasuring every one of them. Before my eyes, she is growing up and no matter how much I want to slow time, March 4th continues to be a part insists on being part of the yearly calendar! Happy 3rd birthday, my beautiful princess!  You will always be my baby.

9 thoughts on “My Baby is Three!”

  1. Awwww Happy Birthday to your big girl. My 6 year old was born March 7th too. Great day, his labor lasted 20 hours. AH! So glad he’s here! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a blast. I would love to have my birthday in the middle of a Madri Gras carnival!! Happy birthday sweeite!

  3. It looks like you had a great birthday party! My son will be celebrating his birthday soon and says he can’t wait receive his presents so he’s just going to buy them with his own money. I hear this everyday and dread taking him to Walmart since he REALLY wants to use his own money to buy his own gifts. It’s going to be a long month until his actual party date…LOL. http://BlogWIthMom.scentsy.us has cute, cuddly Scentsy Buddies. I am going to get him the lion with a Lavendar Scent Pak for relaxation at bedtime and maybe even get myself one!
    New Orleans would be a great place for a party, but Texas will just have to do. A June party in Texas needs to be indoors unless you go to a waterpark, it is hot!!!

  4. She’s gorgeous and I love the name. My little one turned 1 in March and my big one will be 4 tomorrow, oh how time flies!!!

    PS Thanks for an AMAZING retreat, I am so overwhelmed {in a good way} with all of the great people, businesses I met, amazing things I learned and the conference itself. You ladies kicked it off in style and for year one I can’t wait to see what the following years will be like. Beyond excited for Concord ’12!

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