Nestle Family New School Year Resolution {Nook Giveaway}

We are well into the new school year and I am happy to report that things are going well!  My youngest is finally adjusted to her new school and my oldest is bring home excellent grades.  So, how’s Mom doing?

Last month, Nestle Family challenged me to create and stick to a Happy New School Year Resolution.  I decided that I would do my best to “provide my family with well planned and balanced brain-food.”  My grade?


Not too shabby.  My youngest has been loving her new snacks (especially the yogurt covered raisins) and she has even tried eggplant….major breakthrough!  I still need to get better at planning a variety of lunchtime foods, but I am working on it.  How are you doing with your resolution?

Looking for fun ideas for the New School Year?  Nestle Family has some great suggestions for school year activities including how to make math fun!  And don’t forget to enter the New School Year Sweepstakes through October 15th for your chance to win $5,000 for Back to School essentials or a $2,000 literacy grant for your child’s school!


To celebrate all of your New School Year accomplishments, Nestle Family is offering an amazing prize pack!  One winner will receive a mix of free coupons from STOUFFER’S, TOLL HOUSE Refrigerated Cookie Dough and Morsels, JUICY JUICE, NESQUIK, TOMBSTONE, OVALTINE, product from WONKA, a $3 off coupon from BOOST Kid Essentials, a CARNATION BREAKFAST ESSENTIALS $1 off coupon, an OVALTINE straw dispenser, coupon book and…..

……A Nook e-reader!!

How to Enter:

1. What is your New School Year Resolution and are you sticking to it?

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1,780 thoughts on “Nestle Family New School Year Resolution {Nook Giveaway}”

  1. I’ve been trying to have No TV Tuesday and Thursdays so we may have more family time. We do it most weeks but can be difficult not to revert back to old habits.

  2. Our New School Year resolution is to first, stay organized. Towards the end of last school year, we were having problems with my kids not being organized and they started missing homework and projects. So, this year, we’re going through their backpacks nightly, going through all the paperwork and homework and helping them stay organized.
    Thanks so much

  3. I’m a FB friend of both you & Nestle Family (Margaret E. Smith)
    Thanks so much

  4. My resolution was to stay caught up on grading. I’m doing better than some years, but not as well as I had hoped. Speaking of which…I need to go grade papers. 🙂

  5. I am going to go back to school. Here in coos county low incom famlys are offered support in getting to, paying for and studying for the GED. I have onlya math test and I am in. I have passed all 4 other tests with such high scores I even get a free term. I want to major in some kind of tech. Web developement.
    I hope to stick to it. They even offer onsite child care where I can strool over to the center and check in on Elizabeth any time. On daus Angel will not have school and I do she too can go to the family center.

  6. Our new school year resolution is to be better organized (on my part and so far I am sticking to it) and keep the kids on a schedule/routine… and so far thats working, but the rest test comes during the crazy sports seasons and holiday time. I’m working hard at sticking to it, the kids NEED it.

  7. I am a homeschooler and my new school year resolution was to be more organized. I tend to let papers pile up and lesson plans go unrecorded. That really just means more work for me later on. So far this year I am doing great!

  8. Mine is grown, so the only mom resolution I need to make is to continue to pay his iphone bill for one more year in medical school! *Yay! An entry and a brag in one!*

    I do remember that every year I would resolve myself to be more organized. That usually lasted for the first few weeks, then…

  9. My New School Year Resolution is to keep up with schedules and stay calm. Busy schedules always drive me nuts. Plus, stay healthy and have fun.

  10. My new school year resolution is to help my little grand daughter learn to print her name and to recognize all the alphabet letters when she sees them. So far so good. Her brother started kindergarten this year and she is home alone and the days I keep her 2 – 3 a week, I help her do crafts and work on the above items. She is 3 1/2 and so far only thinks she needs her first initial, which she does very well!

  11. My New School Year Resolution is to read a different book to each of my kids every night regardless of how busy the day is. So far, we are sticking to the resolution.

  12. I’ve have been sticking to staying on top of my son’s homework. Checking answers, helping him study for tests, etc.


  13. My New School resolution was to get better organized to get things done while the kids are in school. Is it working…umm….sometimes!

  14. I “Like”The Not-So-Blog and Nestle Family on Facebook (Melissa P./Mel4Him)

  15. Our resolution is more related to my husband returning from Iraq than school starting, but it is to spend family time together each evening before bed.

  16. We homeschool, and my resolution was to have my daughter learn 2 new languages this school year so far we havent even gotten started on this.

  17. My kids are older but when they were little is was no lay their clothes out and night and I was pretty good about it 🙂


  18. This years resolution is to become more active in my daughter’s school . . . last year we had a really hard year because she has allergies that weren’t always acknowledged and we spent many nights in the er with her. . . . this year, my husband and I are both on the school board and are assuring that children with allergies are being taken care of! – For my little one, she’s only 4, so her own goal is to learn as much as she can and make as many friends as possible!

    extra entries:
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  19. My new school years resolution is to NOT procrastinate — not to let myself fall behind in homework assignments and to work on and complete projects way before they’re due.

  20. Our resolution was to not oversleep or be late; so far we’ve been doing great. Getting to bed early has really been helping.

  21. I subscribe to your email and like you both on Facebook! I would love to win this! My new school year resolution was to have all the kids homework finished by the time Daddy gets home, and no I have been unable to stick to it, unfortunately. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  22. Mine is to keep the kids off the computer and video games during the week. I am proud to say we are sticking to it :).

  23. My son is in his first year of college and I resolved to not email and call his constantly – got to let the little birdie fly on his own! It’s been rough, but so far I’m sticking to it.

  24. My New Year School Resolution is to make this the best school year for my kids. Like on FB and thanks for the great sweep. Hope to win 🙂

  25. My new school year resolution is for myself and my kids to get more sleep. Now that they are tweens/teens, it’s harder than ever to get them to bed at a decent time.

  26. My son does cyber school, our resolution was for him to be more independent, and not stand over him while completing every assignment. So far, so good.

  27. My new school year resolution is to have everything organized the night before to avoid the morning crazy rush, and so far so good 🙂

  28. Mine was to have a routine and stick to it. So far, so good. Kiddo gets off the bus, changes his clothes, has a snack, does homework, then plays until dinner. As soon as he comes in, I empty his lunch box and check the backpack for any school papers that need my attention. Far less scrambling in the morning when I remember to do these things!

  29. We don’t make resolutions. However, we homeschool and are committed to giving our children the best education possible.

  30. Our back to school resolution is to get homework done early in the evening and not leave it until right before bed! We’re doing pretty well with that so far.

  31. ours is the clothing for school, were on a budget and they can get any clothes THEY want but comes out of thier budget , so they are seeing how much things cost and now they have to choose items and discard the ones that go over budget, and i am sticking to it , mostly because we really dont have any more to give them lol

  32. I resolved to have peaceful mornings before school, and I have accomplished this by forbidding my children to speak to each other. They are evil beings in the morning!

    dwellenstein at cox dot net

  33. My resolution is to give my kids more independence with their school work. I still keep tabs on them but am trying to make them more responsible.
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  34. My resolution is to not procrastinate and finish homework and projects ASAP. So far, I’m doing okay at it.

  35. My new school year resolution was to go over a new classical american artwork each week with the kids, teaching them “art appreciation”, basically. I’ve kept it going now for 6 weeks.

  36. My New School resolution has already been broken by the fact that my son didn’t get perfect attendance. I guess that is what I get for not planning a couple of sick days in there for him!
    prizeentry @ wesharewithyou dot com

  37. My resolutions are:
    1) Help Carson read EVERY night (not just sporadically) and
    2) Check Christian’s homework even though he says he doesn’t need me to.

  38. My new school year resolution is to get everything ready the night before.That way we are not so rushed in the morning.So far so good:)

  39. Our new school resolution was to get every one out the door in a good mood, on time and haven eaten a healthy breakfast.

  40. My New School Year Resolution is to have the kids do homework FIRST before anything else and YES, I have stuck to it!

  41. My resolution was to always be on time for my son… This is his first year- Kinder & I want to be sure that he is there early & I am there after school!
    inalak at msn dot com

  42. My resolution was to be more organized. I’m mostly sticking to it. I have a planner and everything I need to do is listed, but I’ve been a bit of a procrastinator. Miss_slytherin[at]live[dot]com

  43. My resolution is to start using more fresh ingredients for meals I serve us and our daughter.


  44. My new school year resolution is to sit back and try to relax more. After the fiasco last year and moving schools at the end of the year, I want to relax and watch my son enjoy school after some rough years. So far this approach seems to be working well.

  45. my new years resolution was to lose 30 pounds and I did stick with it and lost the weight.
    bbrandy2002 at gmail dot com

  46. Im in college and my new school year resolution is to actually read my textbooks this semester. I think it will be a lot easier for me to maintain my straight A’s if I kept up with my reading lol. So far this semester I’ve stuck to this goal and I don’t plan on breaking it.