Jason Aldean Tickets Gone, Sold-Out Shows Amaze Attendees

In his short seven-year recording career, Jason Aldean has already been nominated dozens of times for awards and has scored nine number one songs. He is currently out on tour backing his “My Kinda Party” album. Aldean has another album, “Night Train,” due out in October. The first single from the album was released on July 16, 2012. “Take a Little Ride” has peaked at number four on the charts so far. The tour runs through the end of October. “Night Train” is currently scheduled to come out October 16. The young star has routinely sold out venues across the country on his tour, but Jason Aldean tickets are still available for most shows.

Jason Aldean has rocketed to stardom by capturing the small pleasures of small town life. Although most songs are solidly ensconced in the country rock genre, his last album included a bit of rap in the hit “Dirt Road Anthem.” Aldean has hinted that the album coming out in October may have some more surprises for his fans.

The young country crooner has a smooth sultry voice that lends itself well to ballads. Love songs are one of the mainstays of his repertoire, and he presents them with just enough subtle sensuality to appeal to men and women alike.  The other workhorse in Aldean’s stable is the song documenting rural American life. Many of his songs tell stories about the simple pleasures of young people in very small towns. Driving in the country with a girl and the joys of off-roading are a few themes that appear regularly in his work. In rural communities, young people have to make their fun where they can, and Aldean’s lyrics make no apologies for those pleasures. He has his finger squarely on the pulse of this demographic, and has made a career of glorifying these simple joys.

Although the lyrics in Aldean’s work are classic country, the rhythms of his songs cross over into rock. With driving guitar licks and thumping drum work, the music could easily be played at a rock show. The band is solid, with a tight sound that drives the lyrics forward.

With its rapped verses, “Dirt Road Anthem” was a risky song to make. It is a testament to how mainstream rap has become that a partially-rapped tune about hanging out on a rural dirt road drinking beer can become a number one hit. The song was nominated for both a Billboard Music Award and two CMT Music Awards. The song was written and also recorded by country rap musicians Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert.

Aldean has a reputation as an artist who appeals to young mainstream country fans. He and his band put on a great show, and anyone with a couple of Jason Aldean tickets can count themselves lucky to attend. The artist plays for at least an hour; with the opening acts added in, the concerts typically last nearly three hours. There are enough special effects to entertain the crowd. Aldean has definitely mastered the art of the throwing a giant concert party.

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