Capture More with the Windows 8X Phone by HTC Camera

With all of the parties, celebrations, reunions and festive decor during the holiday season, I find myself using the camera on my phone more than ever.  Because my arms are generally full with presents, food and coats as we walk into a holiday party, I tend to leave my bulky camera at home in lieu of a reliable camera phone.

As part of the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program, I have been sent the Windows 8X Phone by HTC to put through it’s paces.  I figured the holidays would be a great time to test the features of the phone.  This Windows 8X Phone by HTC touts a world-class camera with a new ultra-wide angle front and back camera.  Crisp, bright pictures are not a problem even in low light conditions thanks to the BSI sensor, LED flash and 8 megapixel camera with auto focus.

The feature I was most interested in testing out was the ultra wide angle front camera.  With many people to fit in a picture and lots of festive decor I want to capture, I decided to test the Windows 8X Phone against my Samsung Galaxy SIII.  Standing in the same spot in my living room, I took a picture of my Christmas tree and fireplace with 5 stockings hung in a row with both the Windows 8X and Samsung Galaxy SIII (no flash for either picture).  Here are the results:

Samsung Galaxy SIII
Windows 8X Phone

I was able to capture my entire mantle with all 5 stockings using the Windows 8X Phone where my Galaxy cut off the 5th stocking in the picture.  The 88 degree wide angle (when compared to an industry standard 30-45 degree) definitely helps me capture more in a single shot.  This feature will definitely come in handy at dance recital time!

How often do you use your camera phone?  Do you leave your larger camera at home or pack it along? 

5 thoughts on “Capture More with the Windows 8X Phone by HTC Camera”

  1. I love my Verison service. And yes, I only use my camera phone now. I don’t even know where my “real camera” is!

  2. I have to tell you that the camera on my phone is the entire reason why I upgrade every time it is time to upgrade. It has become my primary camera!

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