Prepare Dinner with Less Fat and Time with the Ninja Frying System {Giveaway}

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to test the Ninja Cooking System in my home.  I could have written the entire review with one word: LOVE.  This slow cooker/stove/oven combo has revolutionized how we prepare dinner.  So when Ninja contacted me again to send along the new Ninja Frying System, I was all over it!

The Ninja Frying System ($99 MSRP) allows you to prepare your favorite fried dishes with 30% less fat and 40% faster due to its revolutionary heat combination that keeps cooking oil at a uniform temperature, so foods cook to light, crispy perfection – with less oil absorption. Ninja’s patent-pending basket lid keeps food fully submerged in oil so food is cooked evenly through without having to be flipped or turned in the fryer.

In the past, I have chosen not to prepare fried dishes in my home.  For starters, it makes a mess and frankly I am scared of getting burned!  But the Ninja Cooking System s self contained and on first glance appeared to be much neater than other traditional fryers.

We decided to try boneless chicken tenders as our first experiment with the new fryer.  After filling with vegetable oil, we set the temperature to 350 degrees.  Within about 7 minutes, the oil was hot enough to begin frying.  We coated the chicken with Zatarain’s Crispy Southern Chicken Fry Mix and following the directions on the box, lowered into the oil for 8 minutes.

The Ninja frying basket has a lid that kept the chicken submerged in the oil for more even frying.  I loved the big window that allowed for easy viewing of the progress. We noticed that neither the basket handle or the exterior of the fryer became hot during frying which is a great safety feature.

After 8 minutes (which is easy to set on the digital LCD display), we lifted the chicken and allowed to drain for a few seconds.  The chicken came out golden brown (not burnt at all) and crispy.  With two picky children, it is the best compliment to say that they BOTH cleaned their plates.

For me, the worst part of frying is the clean up.  But, the Ninja Frying System made it incredibly easy and fast.  The Cool Zone technology keeps the oil clean for a longer period of time so reusing the oil is no problem at all.  Possibly my favorite feature is the included oil spout which attaches to the removable enamel oil reservoir which allows for easy pouring of the oil back into the storage container (did I mention these pieces are also dishwasher safe?).

Our dinner was absolutely delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare and clean up.  Having my kids eat everything on their plate makes me incredibly happy, too.  The chicken was a success and we are looking forward to trying some catfish and even beignets next week!

For more information about the Ninja Frying System and additional Euro-pro products, please visit NinjaFryingSystem.com. You can also learn more on Facebook and Twitter.  Can’t wait to get started?  Enter to win a Ninja Frying System below:

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This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.

107 thoughts on “Prepare Dinner with Less Fat and Time with the Ninja Frying System {Giveaway}”

  1. fries, of course! we don’t have a fryer and could really use one for certain things. fries, fish, etc. i have heard great things about this product, but have not yet justified the expense. thanks for the opportunity to win one! happy mother’s day!

  2. I’d probably do homemade chicken fingers first, my kids LOVE when I make them baked in the oven. I’d also love to try onion rings.

  3. After battling gastro illnesses, getting out of shape, then a 6 month flu/pneumonia/bronchitis battle, I got very out of shape. Since I turned 50 this year, I am determined to eat better, exercise again and get back into shape (and hopefully run a 1/2 marathon this year) This would help with the eating better part, I am a huge fried food fan, healthier fried food seem like a good option for me.

  4. Buttermilk fried chicken! I’ve been really craving it but have not been able to find it anywhere!

  5. I’d try chicken and fries first if I won the Ninja fryer. I love the concept of lighter foods with less oil.

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