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One year ago today, my husband started his weight loss journey.  What he found along the way was a lifestyle change.  He started to feel better and enjoyed getting healthy.  One of the secrets to his success is running.  In the beginning, he had trouble walking the 2 mile track at our local park, but slowly he started jogging and finally completing the track in a full continuous run.  I could not be more proud of him and his new found hobby.

The more serious he gets about running, the more he is learning about how to fuel his body.  There are plenty of energy bars, shakes and supplements on the market today, but if you’re a runner looking to fuel your body – or recover post-run – with wholesome and fresh foods, Zoës Kitchen has just the menu! Hubby has learned that eating the right balance of lean proteins, complex carbs and fiber will give his body energy to complete the toughest of runs.

Zoes Kitchen invited us to try the new Runner’s Menu which offers delicious nutrients with a heaping helping of flavor, too, including:

  • Pre-run meals – Low in both fat and fiber and easily digestible. The flavorful Lean Turkey Pita with Pasta Salad has the right portion of sliced turkey breast and slaw tucked into a light pita – the perfect pre-meal to optimize your run.
  • Post-run meals – Packed full of lean proteins and complex carbs to replenish your body after a run.  Try Zoës Protein Power Plate, made up of flat-grilled chicken, caramelized onions and slaw or the Grilled Chicken Dinner, featuring charbroiled meat, braised white beans and roasted fresh veggies.

My hubby decided to try the Lean Turkey Pita and Pasta Salad on a recent visit to Zoes Kitchen.  We are huge fans of Zoes Kitchen, and my hubby has had this pita in the past (it’s one of his favorites).  But, he generally chooses the roasted vegetables as his side.  He opted for the Pasta Salad today and was pleasantly surprised.  While it is not something he would have thought to order, he will definitely be back to fuel up before a race.

Me?  Well, I am not a runner.  But I love Zoes Kitchen nonetheless.  My favorite location is within walking distance of my work, so taking advantage of their “on-the-go” snacks are right up my alley.   The hummus & pita or the seasonal fresh fruit are perfect snacks to give you the energy boost you need to make it through the day.

If you love Zoes Kitchen as much as I do, now you can help fuel Zoe’s dream.  That’s Zoe Romano, runner.  Not Zoe Cassimus, Zoes Kitchen founder.  Zoe Romano will be running 30 miles a day (more than a marathon) to complete Le Tour de France on foot while raising $100,000 for the World Pediatric Project.  Donate $5 to “Fuel Zoe’s Run” when ordering at Zoes Kitchen and receive $5 off your next order.

If you are a runner, too, what are your tips?  How do you fuel pre- and post-run?

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