Do You Drink an Award-Winning Wine?

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If the movie world has the Academy Awards, SAG Awards, and the European Film Awards, then the wine industry has the International Wine Challenge, Sommelier Wine Awards, and the Decanter. Like a movie, receiving recognition from prestigious award giving bodies can boost the popularity of the wine, which can later on lead to the increase of sales. According to a research conducted by the Wine Intelligence, the wine market in the United States has reached up to 47 million people.

The wine market is vast especially in a multicultural country like the United States. Wine & Spirits magazine editor Joshua Greene said, “There really is not anything like an American palate. There’s a very diverse population and within that you find a lot of people drinking a lot of different styles of wine. It’s part of the growing maturity of the wine market in the United States.”

During the early years, most Americans drink wine on special occasions only, but things have changed. Today, wine is considered a staple in every household. Some drink a glass of wine before going to bed to help them relax while others pair it with their meal. To help you choose what to drink, check out our list of award-winning wines below from Marks and Spencer:

Louis Chaurey Champagne

The combination of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir has produced a well-balanced flavor for this champagne. Because of its fruity flavors with hints of biscuit and butter, the Louis Chaurey Champagne has won Silver at the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards and Bronze at the International Wine Challenge also this year. This kind of wine can be paired with any antipasti.

Brut Cava Prestige

If you are throwing a party and don’t want to end up getting drunk, then the perfect choice for you is the Brut Cava Prestige. This sparkling wine has delightful flavors of pears and green apple. Because of its refreshing taste, it was awarded Bronze at the recent Decanter World Wine Awards. This wine is best served with seafood dishes and light canapés.

What is your favorite wine?

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  1. Im a pinot noir girl, not a fan of red wine rarely do i find one that I enjoy. The louis chaurey champagne sounds great!

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