The Adventures of Bella & Harry {Giveaway}

This Summer, my family and I were fortunate to take a few trips including a cruise to the countries of Honduras, Belize and Cozumel.  As this was our first trip out of the USA, we went through the process of applying for passports and preparing the kids for the sites we would see.  While the experience was a great learning experience, we just cannot afford to take International trips on a yearly basis.

Even though we are not physically able to visit many Countries, I want my children to be aware of different cultures.  Because my kids are avid readers, I was excited to introduce them to the book series, The Adventures of Bella & Harry.  The series was created to be an informative, interactive and exciting way to introduce kids to travel by following the adventures of two adorable Chihuahua siblings.  About the books:

The Bella & Harry series was developed to inspire young readers to embrace the world and encourage its exploration. Done through the comedic and informative adventures of sibling Chihuahuas Bella and Harry, while traveling through various countries, the series aspires to stimulate children’s imaginations and foster a thirst for understanding the world in which they live.

My girls had the opportunity to review the 7th and 8th books in the series, Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit Rome and Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit Edinburgh.  These are two places I would love to visit, so I was just as excited to dive in.

After reading, Let’s Visit Edinburgh, my girls were fascinated with how family traditions are upheld in a Crest, a Coat of Arms and a special plaid called tartan.  And they couldn’t wait to tell Daddy (who is a hunter) all about the sport of Falconry.

We moved from Scotland to Italy in the next book, Let’s Visit Rome.  Because we visited the Mayan Ruins while in Belize, the girls were excited to learn about the Roman Colosseum and how it compared to what we saw.  But I will admit that their favorite part of the book was when Harry jumped in the Trevi Fountain and started gathering the coins!

Both books were beautifully illustrated and certainly kept my daughters’ attention.  In fact, they are looking forward to reading more in the series.  I think next, we will travel to Jerusalem.

Do you want to go on a journey with your child?  One luck reader will win both Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit Rome and Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit Edinburgh plus a Trunki child’s suitcase!  Enter below:

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37 thoughts on “The Adventures of Bella & Harry {Giveaway}”

  1. Visit Rome! This suitcase is soo cute! My son is obsessed with books, we can’t buy him enough! Thanks for the giveaway

  2. ROME! Edinburg is GORGEOUS! Hope to go back one day. When the baby’s older, i want him to see when he’s from. That means expensive trips to Honduras and even more expensive trips to the Philippines but the memories and knowledge he takes in will be priceless…

  3. I would like Let’s Visit Paris. We got to take the train to Paris when we were stationed in Germany, so i think my kids would enjoy this one!

  4. I would like to read the Bella and Harry “Let’s Visit Cairo” book.


  5. I really want to win Let’s Visit Barcelona. I have a friend that lives there. I would read it with my daughter.

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