The Time I Slept in Cinderella’s Castle

In 2010, I was fortunate enough to attend the very first Disney Social Media Mom’s Conference in Orlando, FL.  What started out to be a wonderful trip turned into an experience I will never forget.

Throughout the conference seminars, door prizes were given away including some purses, gift baskets and even Build A Bears!  But when my friend (and co-founder of iConnect Influencer Management) won the Grand Prize, we were all stunned.  We were actually going to spend the night in CINDERELLA’S CASTLE!  And to think I was excited to stay at the Polynesian!  We were told to pack an overnight bag and be ready to be whisked away at 4pm sharp.

Cinderella's Castle Guest Car

Ready and eager to go, we packed our bags in 10 minutes flat and ran to the hotel lobby to await our escort.  A white car pulled up and Jennae, our personal concierge, stepped out to greet us.  We were taken through the back lots of Disney and parked in a special space just for us.  We were greeted by more cast members who held umbrellas for us as we waited to see what would happen next.  Jennae asked if we wanted to ride any of the attractions to which we responded, “Haunted Mansion!”  Jennae took us through the “celebrity entrance” and got us on the ride immediately.  No lines for these princesses!  We were able to ride several of Disney’s main attractions without waiting for one second!  Finally, our room was ready and we were escorted to the Castle.

Location of Cinderella's Castle Suite
All I can say is…..WOW!  Cinderella’s Suite is the epitome of pampering for these four Moms!  Fresh flowers, fresh fruit, robes, slippers, bubble bath, whirlpool tub, fireplace, real 14K gold in the floor and mirrors than turn into televisions left us speechless.

Bedroom in Cinderella's Castle Suite

Windows in Cinderella's Castle Suite

Glass slipper in Cinderella's Castle Suite

We were told that you CANNOT rent this Suite as it is reserved for invited guests only.  Someone once offered $1.5 million dollars for ONE night stay in the Castle and Disney rejected the offer!  Oh My!

Fireplace in Cinderella's Castle Suite
We were treated like royalty and the Jennae and Suzanne (the second shift concierge) were there to grant our every wish.  Of course, we had a great time coming up with things to ask (that’s a whole other post for a different day) but we never really asked for them.  Jennae was a good sport and humored our phone calls to her office.


We were treated to dinner at The Liberty Tree Tavern and escorted to a special viewing area for both the fireworks and the Electrical Light Parade.  When the park was closing, we stood on the steps of the Castle and waved at the guests leaving.  It was eerie to see the park so empty, but not more than five minutes after the last guests had exited, an army of orange clad workers swarmed the streets to begin a cleanup routine like nothing I have ever witnessed!  No wonder Disney is pristine!

Bathroom in Cinderella's Castle Suite
After taking baths or showers, we donned the provided plush robes and went outside for a picture in front of the Castle.  I have honestly never laughed so hard.  There is just something about Disney that rejuvenates the soul.  While I was sad that my daughters were not with me, I can’t think of three better women to share this once in a lifetime event.  Cissy, Jennifer and Renee:  we are sisters in Princesshood forever!  Can you fetch me some cornbread?

Thank you so much to all those that put on the fabulous conference!  We truly had an incredible experience both in AND out of the Castle!  Till next year…..

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  1. How neat!! It looks and sounds beautiful! I would find it odd waving goodbye to everyone and being the only ones at the park lol

  2. What an amazing experience, Bridgette! Thanks for sharing that! That would have been so cool if your kids could have experienced that with you!

    The Missus and I just had an amazing Disney experience ourselves! We were lucky enough to have dinner at Club 33 inside Disneyland! Check it out if you get a chance:
    Review: Club 33 Inside Disneyland

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