Are You a Hot Pockets #TeamCrust or #TeamMeat?

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If you open my freezer, you will quickly realize that one of my go-to lunches is the incredible Hot Pocket.  There are many reasons why I love Hot Pockets but it is hard to pick my favorite.  The new music video, “You Got What I Eat” featuring Snoop Dogg and Kate Upton only makes it harder to decide (but definitely makes me hungry).

You Got What I Eat” showcases a battle between #TeamMeat led by “the Butcher” (played by actor Oliver Cooper) and #TeamCrust led by “the Baker” (played by Snoop). The rap battle plays out in Kate’s dreams which is a parody on the classic rap hit “Just a Friend (You Got What I Need)” by Biz Markie.

The song is quite catchy but as I was watching it, I realized that there is more to Hot Pockets than just the Meat and Crust.  My favorite part is the cheese!  What about #TeamCheese?  Just as I was about to formulate my email to the company, Larry King, a surprise guest cameo asks, “What about the CHEESE?”  Brilliant.

To make a long story short…I am totally #TeamCheese.  Watch the video and let me know what team you are on!


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