Giving Thanks for Popsicle “Better for You” Treats

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The whipping of the wind outside tells me that the holiday season is upon us.  In just two weeks, I will be sitting down with family to give thanks and share a wonderful meal which officially marks the beginning of what I affectionately call “Stretchy Pants Month.”  Between the turkey, stuffing, corn casserole and pumpkin pie I can already feel my belt getting tighter.

While I intend to splurge on Thanksgiving Day, I intend to opt for healthy snacks leading up to the big day.  A great option?  Popsicle’s Better For You treats!  For only 15 calories, you can enjoy the fruity flavors of Sugar Free Tropicals.

Looking for a chocolate fix?  I love the Fudgsicle 110 calorie bars.  Satisfies my sweet tooth without blowing the diet.  But my kids will reach for the Popsicle Creamsicle Bars every time.  In both raspberry and orange flavors, they are super hard to resist.

During the holiday season, I am sure to spend many hours in kitchen cooking and baking for the family.  But I will save the tasting for Thanksgiving and Christmas and reach for the Popsicle Better for You options instead!

How do you prepare for the holiday feasts?

3 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for Popsicle “Better for You” Treats”

  1. I am just thankful I only have to bring side dishes! I prepare for holiday feasts by working out the day before! LOL! Make room in that belly!

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