My Mess is No Match for the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS #BringItOn

With two little ballerinas in my home, there is rarely a dull moment.  Their tappin’ feet seem to constantly move and it’s hard to get them to stay still even at meal times.  The result?



Sometimes it seems like more food ends up on the floor than in their mouths which means clean up not only involves dishes but sweeping and vacuuming, too.  So when I was approached to review the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS vacuum, I was definitely game especially because this vacuum performed better than the Dyson DC41 based on independent testing.

How Does it Work:

  • Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS’ AirSpeed Technology uses an efficient floor-to-cup air path with limited twists and turns that decreases the distance dust needs to travel and increases airflow, providing maximum suction power.
  • Engineered to clean a multitude of surfaces in your home, the Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS features a brushroll that can be turned on to deep clean carpets, and off to safely remove dirt and debris from bare floors.
  • The vacuum’s suction control valve lets you direct all of the power to the floors or to the tools, so you can deep clean to stairs, furniture and crevices.

The Challenge

We were asked to mimic the mess our kids make and put the vacuum to the ultimate test.  Because my two girls are cereal lovers, I decided to see how easy it would be to clean up spilled cereal crushed by the feet of little dancers into my carpet. Check out our video below:

It’s that easy.  As soon as I turned the power on, the crumbs literally started moving towards the vacuum.  Now that’s some suction!  With one simple pass of the vacuum, not only did the Eureka pick up the whole pieces of cereal, but the ground in dirt, too.  I love that you can turn the brushroll on to deep clean the carpet or turn it off with a push of the button to easy move to your hardwood floors seamlessly.

Intrigued?  You can find the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS is available nationwide at Walmart for just $98! And even better, not one but TWO people will win the vacuum right here at Experimental Mommy!  Enter below:

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102 thoughts on “My Mess is No Match for the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS #BringItOn”

  1. I would use it daily to clean up the crumbs and little messes as well as to clean up all of the pet hair and any other mess that may happen throughout the day.

  2. I would love to use it to vacuum my hardwood and tile floors! The vacuum we have now is terrible on those surfaces!

  3. I would use this on both our hardwood floors & area rugs picking up after my sons and our cats.
    Thanks so much.

  4. I have tile in my home with just a bit of carpet. I would use this on a daily basis as I have pets who refuse to stop shedding! They have such selfish, bad attitudes. 🙂 Thank you.

  5. I would use it to pick up dog hairs, dirt, etc around my house! I’d love to use this on my hardwood flooring and carpeted areas.

  6. I would use it to make quick work of cleaning the floors after a long day at work. Crumbs, dog hair and dirt beware!

  7. I would use the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS vacuum to clean our tile, hardwood and carpet floors after my husband and daughter make a mess

  8. It would be wonderful in our great room. The kitchen is ceramic tile, then the living room is carpeted, and the section in front of the fireplace is stone tile. It would be nice to be able to go from room to room easily!

  9. I would use it everywhere. I hate sweeping. So I would use it places most people would probably sweep + on carpets.

  10. my current vacuum doesn’t have great suction anymore, so i would love to win a new one for vacuuming my whole house

  11. I have 3 dogs and kids so I vacuum every day! So I would use this vacuum for carpets, lamp shades, steps etc

  12. Oh we have carpet and hardwood floors, so it would be wonderful to vacuum up all the dog hair with this vacuum! I love that it does not use the vacuum bags!

  13. I would use it to get up the dog hair and link up against the baseboards. And I would use it on the carpet for dropped crumbs and messes!

  14. I would leave it at my Grandma’s to use when I’m cleaning her house
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  15. I really need a new vacuum. With a new baby in the house I have to make sure the floors are spotless!!

  16. We have a variety of vacuum challenges – the current vacuum does not do carpeted stairs well. I also have different heights of carpet in the house and tile in the bathrooms.

  17. I would use it in every room of my house…top to bottom. It’s nice to have a vacuum that can do all types of floors.


  19. I would use it on all my floors and I would use the attachment for furniture. We have enough dog and cat hair to put this vacuum to great use.

  20. Our vacuum is old and hardly picks up things right now, so sometimes I have to use a broom to get the floor clean

  21. We have both carpet and hardwood flooring that the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS vacuum would be great on. We also have 3 sets of carpeted stairs in our home.

  22. I’m moving into my own apartment, and I would use it almost everyday for everyday cleaning… thank you for the chance. I’m starting fresh…and have nothing.

  23. I would use this all the time. My vacuum died a few months ago and now I go borrow my Mom’s every Saturday. What would we do without Moms.

  24. I would use the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS vacuum on an almost daily basis. My dining room table is over carpet and it would help keep up with the crumbs. I would also use it on my bare floors, especially in the kitchen.

  25. I would use it to clean the whole house especially the livingroom. With 4 kids, 3 dogs, and babysitting, I have to vacuum a couple of times a day!.

  26. I would use it on the hardwood floors in our living room, tile floor and vinyl floors in our bathrooms, and carpet in the rest of the house.

  27. Mostly on the carpet in the living room and walk ways. My fiance is a machinist and he tracks in all sorts of dirt.

  28. I need it to vacuum up all the dog hair in my house. My current vacuum is just not taking care of it anymore.

  29. I would use it everywhere in the house. With pets, people with allergies and two young children the rugs and floor really get a beating!

  30. Nice vacuum. It’s nice it can vacuum all types of floors, because I have tile and carpet and wood. Thanks for having this contest.

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