Its All About the Choreplay

This post was written by the Experimental Mommy in partnership with Mr. Clean. All opinions are 100% mine.

Given the fact that my New Orleans Saints were not in the Superbowl, the best part of the experience was definitely the commercials. A few made me chuckle but the one that made all of us laugh out loud was the commercial in the third quarter by Mr. Clean. In case you missed the hilarity, take a minute to view it below. I’ll wait.

Can we agree that few things are sexier than a man who cleans? In fact, men who do more than a third of the housework are significantly more likely to get some action from their significant other. Guys, it’s all about the choreplay. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I think this is sound advice!

Choreplay Kit

Want to gently encourage your man to take on more of the workload? Post a picture of the “cleaner of your dreams” on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #MrClean and the brand could surprise your man with a Choreplay Kit to up his game! Want more chances to win? Enter below to win a Mr. Clean Choreplay Kit!

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61 thoughts on “Its All About the Choreplay”

  1. I would like him to dust, not because I don’t mind doing it but he has OCD and I never seem to put things exactly where he likes them when I am done dusting, no matter how close I pay attention and try to put them back in the exact place they were to being with.

  2. Do a deep cleaning including dusting all the nooks and crannies — I HATE doing that!! 🙂 Which is why it really needs to be done lol

  3. I would love if my husband did the dishes after I cook dinner. He does sometimes but if he did it everytime it would be very sexy!

  4. I wish my husband would wash and fold the laundry for me. With a family of 5 and we live upstairs of my dad, and I do his laundry as well. Laundry just never ends.

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