Empowering Kids to Make Balanced Choices

This post was written by the Experimental Mommy in partnership with McDonald’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let me walk you through a typical weekend conversation in my home:

Scenario 1: Kids claim to be starving. Kids offered a balanced snack of fruit and yogurt from our home refrigerator. Kids turn up nose and claim to no longer be hungry.

Scenario 2: Kids claim to be starving. Kids offered a trip to McDonald’s, get dressed and are in the car in record time. Kid 1 orders a Happy Meal and selects a Cutie as the side. Kid 2 orders a Happy Meal and orders Go-GURT as their side. Mom watches in disbelief (but is secretly happy for the minor victories in life).

McDonald's Happy Meal Box
McDonald’s, in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, has committed to increasing customers’ access to fruit, vegetables, and low-fat dairy. As part of McDonald’s ongoing commitment to help make balanced choices fun and easy for families, I am happy to let you know that Cuties are back at McDonald’s for a limited time in Happy Meals and a la carte as a seasonal, fresh fruit side choice! I would say they have been quite successful because McDonald’s has served more than 2 billion packages of Apple Slices since 2004 and 59 million California- grown Cuties to date.

Cuties in McDonald's Happy Meal
Right here in New Orleans, there are 90 locally owned and operated restaurants proudly serving our community. Right now, your child can enjoy a Happy Meal for just $2.99 at participating McDonald’s in the greater New Orleans area. Don’t forget to grab a Cutie for yourself, too!

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115 thoughts on “Empowering Kids to Make Balanced Choices”

  1. My grandson loves the fries, and it turns out he is just like his daddy was if you buy him a cheeseburger, he takes off the meat and eats the bun with the ketchup, mustard and pickles.

  2. Our kids love the fries, so if we asked them, that is probably what they would choose. Our kids to like Cuties, so that would probably be a close second, but I am not sure they would choose it over fries.

  3. My granddaughter loves the apples, but we also just found out she really likes the Fish Sandwich!

  4. My daughter doesn’t care so much about the actual happy meals – she just loves the french fries! She loves them so much that she will literally let anyone hold her who will give her fries! We definitely need to work on stranger danger…

  5. My grandson cannot get enough of the Apple Slices..so much so that he steals his sister’s LOL so we now have gotten him the apple slices and she gets fries.

  6. My son loves to get the yogurt. If we are eating in the car then he picks the apple slices.

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