Learn the New School Way of Doing Laundry!

This post was written by the Experimental Mommy in partnership with Tide and Downy at Walmart. All opinions remain 100% my own.

Welcome WGNO Viewers! Join me on Sunday, June 4th from 1-6pm at Walmart in Metairie for a New School Laundry Event featuring free samples and high value coupons for the products featured in the TV segment.

If you are anything like me, a walk down the laundry aisle at the grocery store can be quite intimidating and confusing. With so many products lining the shelves, it’s hard to know which one will work best for your laundry needs. So, how do I cope? I close my eyes and head straight for the same bottle of detergent I have purchased for years. But, because my daughters are growing and their activities are changing (plus Summer is sure to add tons of swimsuits and beach towels to my laundry basket), the same old routine may need a reset.

New School Laundry with Tide
Let go of your old habits! There is a new school way of doing laundry with a fresh regimen from Tide and Downy! Did you know that the average American throws away 65 pounds of clothes every year? But how you launder your clothes can make a huge difference in the longevity of your favorite items. The new school regimen includes 4 steps which are super easy to follow:

New School Regimen TV Segment

  • Tide PODS: These 3-in-1 pacs contain exactly the right amount of detergent, stain remover and brightener. Simply throw a pac into the drum of your washer and it will dissolve in any water temperature, meaning you can save money and extend the life of your clothes by using cold water rather than warm with each load.
  • Downy Protect & Refresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner: This is so much more than a fabric softener! This product locks out bad odors, giving clothes in-wear protection from offensive odors all day long. Just add Downy to your fabric softener reservoir (drawer or center of agitator).
  • Downy Fresh Protect Scent Boosting Beads: This is one of my favorite products! The beads are motion activated and provide 24-hour odor neutralization and freshness – they’re like deodorant for your clothes! You can shake a little or a lot directly into the drum of your washer before starting the load. The level of scent is totally up to you!
  • Downy Dryer Sheets: Finally, complete the laundry regimen by controlling static, preventing wrinkles, softening and providing long-lasting freshness by tossing a Downy Dryer Sheet into the dryer with your freshly washed clothes.

If you are in the New Orleans Metro Area and would like to learn more about this New School Regimen and receive free samples and high value coupons for the Tide and Downy products listed above, join me at one of the New School Laundry Regimen Events on Sunday, June 4th from 1-6pm at the following participating Walmart locations:

Walmart Supercenter                       880 N Highway 190                                            Covington

Walmart Supercenter                       300 W. Esplanade Ave                                       Kenner

Walmart Supercenter                       4810 Lapalco Blvd                                              Marrero

Walmart Supercenter                       8912 Veterans Memorial Blvd                         Metairie

Walmart Supercenter                       5110 Jefferson Hwy                                            New Orleans

Walmart Supercenter                       39142 Natchez Drive                                          Slidell

Walmart Supercenter                       410 N Canal Blvd                                                Thibodaux

18 thoughts on “Learn the New School Way of Doing Laundry!”

  1. Ohh now I am liking the sound of the PODS how cool that they contain the right amount of all three things that you need to keep your clothes looking their best.

  2. I love Tide PODS. I recently started using them, and they are super awesome. They have everything in them, so I don’t have to mess around with putting everything in certain dispensers and all the blah.

  3. Wow being educated on laundry again 😉 Awesome. Those pods sure are great, I have some and they leave laundry smelling fresh longer – so I always get that clean feeling whenever I put on my clothes!

  4. I never even thought about how many pounds worth of clothes we trash each year. Interesting! I do love those Tide Pods. They definitely make laundry less of a chore!

  5. Woah! I had no idea people threw away SIXTY FIVE pounds of clothes! That’s just insane! Maybe with these tips they will be less inclined to throw so much away!

  6. Tide Pods really make my laundry so easy! I also love using Downy too! 😀

  7. Tide pods are seriously one of the best inventions. I love being able to use them and having my preteens and teens help with laundry, the pods make it so easy for them!

  8. Tide Pods is the best laundry detergent I have ever used. Our clothes always come up clean and fresh. Downy Scent beads are the best fabric conditioner to complement Tide Pods! I just love the clean, crisp scent it gives to our sheets, towels and clothes

  9. Can doing the laundry get any better than this? I think this is amazing and it’s definitely a great way to do the laundry! I can’t wait to change my laundry routine to this one. I am a huge fan of both brands!

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