5 Febreze Tips for a Fresher Home

This article was written by Experimental Mommy contributor, Renee from What Mommies Need in partnership with Febreze. Renee attended the Febreze Safety Immersion Course in Cincinnati, OH and shares her honest thoughts below.

Living in a home with 2 boys, a dog and a cat makes for a very interesting time. While I love them all dearly, some of the smells that they produce should be a crime. With my older son recently crossing over into the teenage years, the smells coming from his room are worse than ever, not to mention the sports gear.

I will admit that until last week, I thought all sprays were created equal, until I spent some time in the lab at the Febreze Safety Immersion and learned very differently.

Did you know that Febreze actually traps and neutralizes malodors? I was shocked to learn how different Febreze is and what makes it work so much better than competitors! While I was there, I picked up a few tips on how to keep my house smelling fresh and I am going to share them with you.

Tips to refresh your home with Febreze
TIP 1: SPRAY FIRST THEN VACUUM: Febreze technology uses the odor trapper Cyclodextrin, which is actually just a cyclic starch molecule, to bind malodors. This causes the odor molecules to become heavier and drop to the ground. So, if you spray first then vacuum, you are actually removing the molecules from your home.

TIP 2: DO NOT SHAKE YOUR FEBREZE BOTTLE: Okay, I know your first instinct when you pick up an aerosol bottle is to shake it, but with Febreze there is no need. This is because Febreze uses a pure nitrogen propellant, an remember, nitrogen makes up over 75% of the air you breathe. The advantages to this are that it is: non-flammable, no extra volatile organic compounds (VOCs,) are being created and the formula is gentler on surfaces.

TIP 3: USE THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THE JOB: Febreze knows that you are working with many different surfaces, so all of their products are formulated specifically for their jobs. For example, Febreze FABRIC not only has a different chemical composition, it also has a different spray mechanism than Febreze AIR.

Febreze products
TIP 4: YOU CAN CONTROL THE SMELL: If you are like me and love a clean smell, but not a heavy smell, Febreze still has you covered. There is a Febreze FABRIC  with no scent that only removes odors, which is a must for all those sports bags! Also, I love their new line, Febreze ONE, that has no aerosols, and a lighter scent and doesn’t contain any heavy perfumes.

TIP 5: SPRAY ANYWHERE AND SPRAY OFTEN: Some of us worry about the safety of sprays, but know that the #1 priority for Febreze is to ensure  all their products are safe. All Febreze products are free of formaldehydes and phthalates. Their products are formulated to be safe and have even been approved by the ASPCA as safe to use around pets. Also, they are now on smartlabel.org, where you can see a full list of Febreze ingredients. If you want more information about their products, you can also check out PG.com, where they have a preservative tracker and lots of other good information.

To  learn more about Febreze and stay social, be sure to visit them at Febreze.com and follow them on Facebook.

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