Start a Holiday Tradition with this Letter to Santa Printable

We haven’t eaten all of the Halloween candy yet and I heard my first holiday song on the radio! But despite the 80 degree temperature outside, I immediately got into the Christmas spirit and began reminiscing about my childhood. I remember receiving the Big Toy Book from a local department store around this time of year and frantically grabbing my markers to circle the toys I wanted Santa to leave under the tree. My brother and I would rip out the pages and place them in an envelope along with our Letter to Santa so there was absolutely no confusion and mail them to the North Pole before Thanksgiving (I mean, Santa needed ample time to view our list, right?).

letter to Santa printable

While Santa probably has an email address, a Snapchat account and text messaging, I love sharing the handwritten Letter to Santa tradition with my own kids.  It’s so much fun to watch them carefully consider their words, patiently write an entire dialogue in their neatest handwriting and happily heading to the Post Office to actually drop the letters in the mailbox.

While a letter to Santa works just fine on plain loose leaf paper, a little bit of festivity never hurt and ensures your letter stands out from the crowd. But let’s face it, the holidays are a super busy time for Moms and a simple and convenient printable Letter to Santa can save the day!

letter to santa printable


I hope to you and your little ones enjoy this Letter to Santa printable! And I hope that every wish written on this paper is granted (unless it’s a pony and then I give you a pass). Happy Holidays (and don’t forget to put out the cookies and milk for Santa, too)!

Letter to Santa PIN

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