Best Board Games for Teens

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Shopping for teens can be tricky, amiright? With a teenager in my house, I speak from experience. This year, instead of an actual wish list, my teen created her own holiday themed Pinterest board complete with categories neatly prioritized to minimize confusion. <insert eye roll here> So, to help out my fellow Moms, I am sharing with you the games teen tested and approved!


  • Endless Games: Name 5
    • Ages 12+; $19.99
    • Name 5 is the outrageous party game that asks the easy questions you know the answers to. Sure, you know 1 movie starring America’s sweetheart or a certain Hollywood heartthrob… maybe even 2…. but can you Name 5?
  • PlayMonster: Brain Fart
    • Ages 14+; $24.94
    • Roll the giant cubes, tap the brain timer to get your letter and start the countdown and go! Take turns naming things in the categories shown, that start with the letter displayed!
  • Adam’s Apple Games: Truck Off
    • Ages 8+; $25.00
    • Send your food truck team to score a sweet parking spot at a lucrative venue. Your timing and game plan will be critical to your success and your opponents look for the perfect opportunity to make you Truck Off!
  • Set Games: Karma
    • Ages 8+; $12.57
    • Race to get rid of all your cards by playing a card of equal or higher value. Use your Karma Cards to avoid picking up the discard pile.

Best Board Games for Teens

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