I Have Swimsuit Confidence with Lands’ End!

So, the last six months have been rather stressful with the loss of my job and searching for a new beginning.  With the stress came the weight.  While I am working to reverse the process, I can’t hide from the public on our upcoming summer vacation to Disney.  I want to be able to enjoy … Read more

Get a Healthy Start with Kashi GOLEAN! Crisp Cinnamon Crumble {Review}

Last weekend was, to put it lightly, insane.  My son had a soccer tournament both Saturday and Sunday where he and his team would be playing back-to-back games with not a lot of time to refuel in between.  I needed to make sure he ate something healthy and filling for breakfast, but something that wouldn’t … Read more

Protect Little Eyes with Eyes Cream Shades {Review}

With the arrival of 90 degree temperatures here in NOLA, Summer is definitely upon us.  We are starting to line up our vacation (or staycation) plans and my mind immediately starts thinking about what to pack.  Shorts, tshirts, sandals, bathing suits, beach towels, hats and sunscreen…check.  As a Mom, I strive to make sure my … Read more

Enjoy the Taste of Italy with Nipozzano Wine {Review}

Sometimes I feel like Michelle Duggar….you know that lady with 19 kids?  I only have two, but with the schedule we keep, I FEEL like I have 19.  Last week, in a nutshell, we had softball on Monday, soccer on Tuesday, gymnastics and softball on Wednesday, I had a meeting at school on Thursday, and … Read more

Get Creative Again and Again with BlankZ Toys!

This year, my daughters got some fabulous presents from Santa including many baby dolls and some pretty fun electronics.  But the present they play with the most costs a mere $3.  Crayons.  Markers.  Glue.  Glitter.  They love it all!  Honestly, it comes as no surprise that my girls are full of creativity as their Grandmother … Read more